Selected publications

Miller, A., Morgan, W. J., & Koronkiewicz, B. (Manuscript accepted, 2018). Like or Tweet: An analysis of the use of Facebook vs. Twitter in the language classroom. Tech Trends.

Morgan, W. J., & Zimotti, G. (2018). Study abroad: History, structural components, and significance to second language acquisition. In J. B. Nielsen & J. A. Johnson (Eds.) Innovative Ideas for Cosmopolitan Educators (pp. 99-120). Springfield, MO: Missouri State University.

Morgan, W. J., Miller, A., & Koronkiewicz, B. (2016). Digital literacy and social media in the foreign language classroom. The Language Educator 11 (4) 32-35.

Publications in preparation

Morgan, W.J., (Manuscript in preparation). How can we increase self-efficacy?: Mindfulness meditation as a pedagogical intervention.