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🇪🇺🌎 European Investment Bank will stop funding fossil fuel projects by end of 2021

The bank’s new energy lending policy is said to have been approved with “overwhelming” support.


The truth can only be inside people

by implementing a fair system ,

making lifes respectful and peacful.

Identity is made by personality and actions.

Initiate online productions, support social interest.

Investigating instituations can impact on issues.

Inventions can change perspectives and provide

Infinite ways to make it possible to work together

to reach for higher goals and better solutions.

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i1i LEARN is the learning environment from GODOGOOD INTERNATIONAL.

The focus is to study, share and support other people in search for information and knowledge about topics, thema's, tensions.

The global market is an incredible thing to study. Human behavior. The power of things. Forces from the universe. Scientific Proof.

However it is important to keep an overview on things that matter. Step by step it get's easier to find your way in search of facts and figures in a world full of data and growing need for quality content. Raising questions and trying to find answers.

Working together will be possbile by using the tools, creating the opportunaties and planning a better future towards clear goals.

Learn, and be able to teach others, so the world will be a brighter, smarter and simply wonderful world to live on.

Learning from the past can help the future to become more peaceful, respectul, friendly and happier to live on.

Care about your health and care about other living beings on this beautiful planet earth and get answers and find the solutions.