Red Rocks Ampitheatre

"Red Rocks Amphitheatre is the only naturally-occurring, acoustically perfect amphitheater in the world, and as such, Denver Arts & Venues understands the responsibility to not only maintain its natural beauty, but to operate as a sustainable venue." We are privileged to aid in accomplishing the sustainability goals set by this National Treasure.

Coors Field

Home to the Colorado Rockies, this stadium is one of the six National ballparks that allow smoking in designated areas. Since the 2007 World Series run, Coors Field has seen an average of 2.75 million guests per year. With the current smoking rates, around 385.5 thousand of those guests need a place to put their butts at least once a game over the course of the season.

If you're lucky enough to get behind the scenes at either of these venues, you'll see @RumTum_Art ButtBarrels in action.

The Black Box

With a mission to move people through sound, we are pleased to work with The Black Box to move their guests to think more about their single-use waste. Be sure to visit the back patio to see this ButtBarrel painted by @corinnebeebop !

Be on Key Psychedelic Ripple

Denver residents and frequenters are sure to have stopped at one of Jay Bianchi's "Grateful Dead Centric" bars. Be On Key Psychedelic Ripple was named after its founder and as an ode to the "ripple" his venues have made across Colorado's scene. Stop in and see this ButtBarrel, by @kyleesparx, making a ripple at Be On Key!

Levitt Pavilion

Levitt Pavilion Denver was established by the Levitt Foundation which aims to build community through music. The venue hosts 50 free concerts each year, drawing community residents and their families to outdoor shows from local, regional, national, and international artists.

Enjoy the lush grass, and help others keep their butts off it, by kindly pointing them to @jvazzanosvisions ButtBarrel in the smoking area!

Fiddler's Green

Fiddler’s Green Amphitheatre is owned by the Museum of Outdoor Arts and conglomerates with @aegpresents to entertain over 200,000 annual visitors. They are proudly participating in the AEG 1EARTH program, which seeks to divert 70% of waste from landfills, and their team was excited to learn that cigarette butts could be recycled rather than thrown away. .

The MOA seeks to “make art a part of everyday life” and this partnership has given artists the opportunity to share their talents with attendees, while beautifying a traditionally unsightly, but necessary, smoking receptacle.


Corinne Bee Bop

~ This Denver based artist has a knack for painting faces as beautiful as hers. Her talent behind the brush is matched by her eye for art, as she's working out of Mirus Gallery, curating the walls at Your Mom's House, and bringing live painters to festivals like Compound Sound. On National Kick Butts Day, you might just find her in a viking outfit battling to keep butts off the streets! Otherwise, catch this marvelous person live painting at a show with some heavy bass!

Find more of her art on Instagram here!

Jessica Vazzano

~ With a personality as vibrant as the colors she chooses, Jessica Vazzano is quick to make you feel as bright as one of the rainbows in her paintings. Miss Blasting Rainbows lives up to her name with many of her pieces offering stunning combinations of color, while showcasing flowers or sacred geometry. Other pieces beautifully and realistically depict her chosen subject and can be found with multimedia inlays from time to time.

Find her participating at this year's Frasier Mountain Mural Festival and follow her online here!

Kylee Sparxx

~ If you haven't experienced a painter performing live, it is about time you track down this wonder. Watching her turn a blank canvas into an energetic and empathetic masterpiece is a joy not to be missed. Denver has been spoiled since her arrival to the art scene and her trippy pieces can be found at a selection of galleries.

Loud music doesn't disrupt Kylee's concentration, but if it disrupts yours, you can watch timelapses and interviews on her artist page here!


~ A character as wild as his art suggests, this gentleman is grounded in deep connection with the earth and presents his learnings both visually and through sound. You can find his murals gracing Denver buildings or by getting a haircut at Modern Joe's Barbershop. When he's in town, and if you're quick enough, you might find a gift he leaves on Free Print Fridays. Keep an eye on his page for gallery showing or to see him share his musical talents live.

Find more of RumTum's Creations here!

Daniel Crosier

If you're paying attention, you'll find Dan doesn't color in the lines, he lines in the color. Working with him is much like this, able to fulfill any task, but with his own intricate style. With a love for comics, rock n' roll, producing films, and bunnies (at least Stanley Kaiju), "The Isolation Man" is a full rounded artist and incredibly inspiring. If you enjoy horror films be sure to check out the Colorado Festival of Horror, that Dan is co-producing, or his mockumentary here!

Follow Dan Crosier online to keep up with his shenanigans, here!