'Where Do Butts Go?' is a positive activism project led by the 5280 Pride, of The oysWORLDter Tribe. The #ButtCleaning service seeks to create systems for businesses with smoking employees or guests, in addition to providing and servicing sponsored street-side receptacles, handing out pocket ash trays, coordinating group #ButtGrabbing expeditions, and hosting an annual ButtFest to celebrate the activism against cigarette waste. The project was kicked off thanks to Connected Soul, and a generous grant from Alethea Papageorge, which allowed the group to acquire half a dozen receptacles from TerraCycle that are finding homes and being utilized around Denver.

The oysWORLDter Tribe is a 501 (c) (10) Domestic Fraternal Beneficiary Society connecting individuals with a common cause of inspiring others to pursue their best self and to use positive activism to solve issues in their community or our WORLD. The 5280 Pride is a subordinate organization of the Tribe. Learn more at

On the Air with the Founder

Founder Nick Phillips had the opportunity to share a bit about the 'Where Do Butts Go?' positive activism campaign with Rae Solomon for a segment that airs regularly, on KGNU in Denver and Boulder, to inform listeners about local nonprofit's and their missions, works, and events. Find the segment here!

Anyone Can Get Involved!

  • Smoking Enthusiasts - Use a pocket ashtray to collect your own butts or pass one along to a friend that could use one. Getting it into a trash receptacle is cool, but finding a sustainable solution to dispose of it is even cooler. Buy yours here!
  • Use a cup holder ashtray for your car, like this one, to help keep the smell contained.
  • Collect your butts! If you start collecting in a plastic bag lined, recycled box, you can print a free shipping label from TerraCycle to send them the stinky package when it's full. Just sign up, here, for their free Cigarette Waste Recycling Program to start tracking your impact TODAY!
  • Either Way - Encourage your local businesses to provide receptacles for cigarette waste
  • Grab butts when you see them. Someone might see you do it and follow your example. Just wear a glove. ;)
  • Join our #ButtCleaning Team online for updates on group cleanings and other opportunities
  • Be a sponsor! We need your help to get the message to as many people as possible that we no longer want to see butts in public!
  • Donate to our nonprofit by clicking the "Donate" button above, or by following this link, to help us continue to raise awareness and provide collection solutions.