'Where Do Butts Go?' is a positive activism project led by the 5280 Pride, of The oysWORLDter Tribe. The #ButtCleaning service seeks to create systems for businesses with smoking employees or guests, in addition to providing and servicing sponsored street-side receptacles, handing out pocket ash trays, coordinating group #ButtGrabbing expeditions, and hosting an annual ButtFest to celebrate the activism against cigarette waste. The project was kicked off thanks to a generous grant from Alethea Papageorge which allowed the group to acquire half a dozen receptacles from TerraCycle that are finding homes around Denver, including the Denver Public Library, the Denver Water Works Buildings, Aloy Thai, and Ignite! Burgers.

The oysWORLDter Tribe is a 501 (c) (10) Domestic Fraternal Beneficiary Society connecting individuals with a common cause of inspiring others to pursue their best self and to use positive activism to solve issues in their community or our WORLD. The 5280 Pride is a subordinate organization of the Tribe. Learn more at