Places and Features

Bastion Bay (B7, B8, B9, & B10)

The expansive bay provides the main approach for sea traffic to Bastion. The city's livelihood benefits from the diverse and bustling trade that passes through the harbor. The inner harbor area (A6 and B7) provide shelter to ships from the open ocean and are protected by high sea-walls that are maintained and protected by the city watch. Outward to the north and west, the harbor becomes unfathomably deep and more unsettled toward the open ocean. Several ruined ships lie still at the bottom, having not made it to the safety of the sea-walls in time.

The High Plains of Rykall (B6 & C6)

Spanning leagues to the east of Bastion lie the vast plains where the horse-lords of Rykall claim dominion. The plains are so expansive the only the heartiest of travelers can cross them safely. Flash floods, dust storms, or icy winters are seasonal extremes to be endured. While the horse lords enforce their own version of clan law, bandits are not uncommon. Those looking to leave civilization behind seek out these violent raiders to join them - or suffer at their hands if they fail the harsh initiation rites.

Eastflow River (C7 & D7)

Flowing into Bastion Bay (B7, B8, B9, B10) from the interior, the Eastflow river could be mistaken for a pastoral daydream were it not for the occasional, violent ripple of its surface. Unpredictable currents become dangerous the further inland one travels, and by the time one reaches the Foulmarch Moors the river becomes truly treacherous. Along its banks are a number of ruined remnants of the Faidgod civilization, but no true safe harbor remains so for long; riverboats anchor well away from shore if they must stay out overnight, and only the most foolish risk navigating its currents in the dark.

Old Faidgod (C8)

The ruins of Old Faidgod stand as the only reminder of an ancient former capital city of the old world. Once a thriving city-center and seat of government for a long-forgotten kingdom, all that's left are the strong stones that held up its many grand halls and thoroughfares. It lies uninhabited today, visited briefly only by the most desperate of rangers, and even then only during the daylight hours. It is said that the ruins are now haunted by the ancient spirits who used to walk its streets in life.

Battleplains (C8 & C9)

In the shadow of the north gate of Old Faigod lie the remnants of the final battle of the Elemental Crusades. Though ages have passed, the ground still lies bloodstained, weapons and armor fragments aren't uncommon to be uncovered, and rumors of ghosts of the long dead armies roam freely when the constellation of Tempus is high in the summer night sky.

The Ridgeback Mountains (C10 & D10)

Rising menacingly to the far north, the Ridgeback Mountains are a wild and untamed range of jagged and frozen granite peaks. Dotted by some of the highest summits in the land, they ascend from the valley up through thick evergreen clutches of ageless trees and thrust mightily into the sky above the treeline. A few overgrown passes are available to desperate travelers unlucky enough to have to cross over the mountains, but doubtless there are as many untold paths through as there are deadly threats that call the peaks home.

Starshimmer Lake (D10)

Snow melt captured in a seemingly bottomless basin high in the Ridgeback Mountains forms Starshimmer Lake, a revered place to the Fae. Though the area is uninhabited and the lake's waters are pristine, it is eerily bereft of wildlife. Rumor says that the lake hungers for the living or contains portals to other planes, though of course such tales are unconfirmed.

Stormwatch Hills (D9)

The eastern terminus of the Ridgeback Mountains overlook unexplored plains stretching far into the wastes to the east.

Foulmarch Moors (D8 & E7)

The source of the Eastflow river is a vast swampland of undulating moors and sinkholes. Ruined towers and structures occasionally surface from the muck or falter back into it as the strange eddies of the thousand streams of the region flow around them, tugging them apart and rending their foundations or buoying them to the surface in unpredictable fashion. Riverboats refuse to traverse the waters beyond a stable pinnacle called Baryia's Fist, named after a famous paladin of Umberlee, godess of the sea.

Highreach Jungles (E5)

Towering trees and untrammeled terrain conceal a thousand ruined shrines and towers, and host a never-ending array of natural and supernatural threats.

Fell Forest (B5 & C5)

While mostly a normal forest surrounding the base of the Blackstone Mountains during the day, the trees come alight with aurora of magic and haunting chimes that indicate fae activity at night. An ancient old growth forest, it is impossible to navigate without the aid of magic maps or the keenest scout.

Twilight Wilds (B4)

Deep within the heart of the Fell Forest lies the imposing press of the Twilight Wilds. Ironwood trees tower overhead, blotting out the noontime sun. The underbrush has an menacing countenance. Commonfolk are said to have been lost to madness venturing into the forest too deeply for even the simplest of tasks such as foraging or gathering firewood.

Cadun Village (A2/A3)

Southwest of Bastion on the coast lies the small fishing and farming village of Cadun. This outlying village was founded out of practicality at the convergence of the mouth of the river at the base of the Blackstone Mountains, alongside Bastion Bay itself, and with the shadows of the Fell Forest are just on the horizon to the southeast. Cadun is a simple place where the lives of the villagers are mainly focused on survival and providing for their families.

The old-timers in the local tavern spin yarns over pints of ale about the time demons came up from beneath the mountains to attack their grandfathers' farms and kidnap children. According to legend, the demons were driven back at great cost by steely-eyed villagers with the help of a priest of Corellon who fell in the battle. Today the younger folk dismiss these heroic tales as the ramblings of old men, but the mystery remains as to where the relic (a skeletal finger bone encased in an ornate glass jar) on the altar in the church originated from.

Blackstone Mountains (A2 & B3)

Far to the south of Bastion lies the Blackstone Mountains. A violent, inhospitable, and tumultuous range of basalt and onyx, lava flows freely and volcanic eruptions are a constant threat. Some miners and excavators risk all to extract the precious metals and gemstones from beneath the mountains, but frequent raids from nearby wildlife and harsh natural conditions mean that no encampment can be considered permanent.

Baleful Tower (B2)

Presumed to be a fortress of the Faidgod civilization, the Baleful Tower is visible from the coast, but has no easy harbor for ships to land in its vicinity. A dozen expeditions crossing the Blackstone mountains have never returned - either from the perils of crossing the volcanic passes, or from more sinister trails around the other side. The Tower itself rises over the surrounds to a dizzying height, and sailors frequently report movement in its exposed galleries - never more than a glimpse or trick of the eye, surely, but nearly everyone who has seen the Tower trusts such reports without reservation.