About West Marches Games

West Marches games are a style of tabletop Role Playing Game that might be different than what you're used to. It can require more player initiative and attention than a regular D&D campaign, where you show up at the appointed time and follow the DM's lead in developing a carefully curated story arc. West Marches instead relies heavily on the simulationist and tactical game styles of older versions of D&D, and asks players to decide what they want to do.

It's best think about this as one large world where multiple adventurer groups are running encounter sessions on their own, but which allow for the groups to changes as players come and go, all in a world that grows and expands with the gaming network as groups uncover more of the map!

How these distributed-campaigns work:

  • Browse the Game Calendar and pick a session date that works for you.
  • Let the DM running that session know you plan to attend, make sure the group size is right.
  • Work with the group on what you'd like to do as a team for the Session and communicate that the DM.
  • Show up promptly for the session and be ready for adventure!

This will allow you as players to select session times that work best for you and should provide a lot more opportunity for the overall gaming network to play. But it also places the initiative for scheduling and communicating to the DM on *you*, the players. Pitch in to help guide the sessions to be the best they can be.

What you need to be a good player:

  • Review the House Rules.
  • Be proactive and communicate with both your group and your assigned DM.
  • Show up promptly and prepared.
  • Give feedback and participate after session to drive the next session.

Handy acronyms you'll encounter as we play:

  • DM = Dungeon Master. The team leader who crafts the story background, facilitates the adventure session, and arbitrates disputes.
  • PHB = Player's Handbook. The primary source manual for both game mechanic rules and character stats.
  • DMG = Dungeon Master's Guide. The secondary manual which covers world-building, environment, and additional stats for campaign sessions.
  • XGE = Xanthar's Guide to Everything. A supplemental expansion guide to the base rules that includes expanded class archtypes and additional spells.


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