A Guide to Harvard Referencing.

There are a number of different styles of referencing. Referencing correctly in one of these styles is essential to acknowledge your sources, show your background reading and to avoid accusations of plagiarism.

This resource has been made to support students' information skills on how to cite and reference different sources of information. At Westminster Kingsway College we use the Harvard Referencing System and is commonly used in many colleges and universities.

We expect students to use the Harvard style of referencing which is known as the "author and date" system.

This resource has been developed by Learning Centre staff to facilitate independent learning and to access information beyond textbooks and classroom.

The following topics will be covered in this guide:

1. Why should you cite and reference sources?

2. How to Reference a book

3. How to Reference an E-book

4. How to Reference a Journal

5. How to Reference a Website

6. How to Reference a Lecture/Notes and classroom handout

7. Watch Video

8. How to Reference a Sound and Moving image

9. Handout

10. Certificate

By the end of this tutorial, students will learn the following objectives:

1) The commonly used style of Harvard Referencing.

2) The difference between Citation and Referencing.

3) The difference between Direct Quotation and Paraphrasing.

4) How to avoid plagiarism.

5) How to cite and reference from different information sources.

6) By answering the quiz, you will find out any gaps in your knowledge and highlight areas of the exercise you may need to discuss with Learning Centre staff.