What if I feel sick?

What if I feel sick?

  • Covid Sympton Checker

  • Dr. Chappel from the Wayne Clinic with Quick Facts about Covid 19 diagnosis and treatment.

  • ​Protocol for receiving EMT service - ​From Tammy Jo Barton - Garfield EMT Director -

    1. "Many of you may have heard that we have our first COVID-19 (Coronavirus) case here in Garfield County. I'm sure with that announcement it has made this Pandemic feel very real. As the Director of Garfield County Ambulance I decided this would be a good time to reach out to all of you in this great County that we get to call home, and let you know that we are here if you need us (as always) but, you will notice a few added precautions we will be taking when you call for us.

    2. When you dial 911, among the questions and instructions they will give you, will be the request for a phone number that we can reach you on. We will be calling you and assessing the situation, before we arrive. We may conduct an assessment at your front door before we enter. With the info we gather from you, we may also ask you to meet us outside. These added precautions are to protect us and our families from unnecessary exposures from you or others in your home. It is also to protect you and your families from unnecessary exposure from us! Our assessment will determine the level of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) we will wear. You will also notice that initially only one or two EMT's will talk with you, while the other EMT's hold back (Social Distance), until we have more information from you. The reason for this is to determine the minimum number of EMT's that are needed. We do this to minimize exposure, but to also preserve the PPE that we use on each call.

    3. You may have heard that there is a worldwide shortage of available PPE. While that is true, know that we have been planning for some kind of Pandemic for a while now, and we have enough PPE; unless Garfield County becomes one of the "Hot Spots" that is quickly over-ran with COVID-19 cases, or this Pandemic goes on for an extended time. When in our full PPE, we can look a little scary, especially to younger kids in your home, and it is definitely harder to hear us through our masks.​