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Top 5 Websites to Learn Web Designing Completely

Nowadays it’s a great trend to learn Web Designing because designing of creative web pages is not just a fun but also a fast way to earn money that’s why newbies run to learn web designing which includes a combination of different languages and software like HTML, CSS, Photoshop, JavaScript more on HTML5 and CSS3. In today’s post I will share some top websites from where you can learn this course complete with examples. I deeply worked on that sites and after investigation and learn many new things myself from that sites I am going to share with you.


Whenever we talk about learn web designing, the first website is w3schools because all the tutorials are complete and updates on this website so this is the best place to learn. You can also test your codes in live editors in this website.


Although this is the best site for PHP and web development you can also learn all tools of web designing here. This site also has some Video Tutorials which are extremely helpful because you can learn more by watching live projects.


This is also a very good website, you can learn complete HTML and CSS within 30 days. You can learn here Photoshop too in a professional way for Free.


This is also one of the best websites to learn web designing. It resembles w3schools. You can find live examples and projects with their source codes and explanations with Tips here.


Well, I think above 4 sites are enough to learn and become expert in Web designing field but HTMLdog is also a good site for beginners where you can explore all the terms of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.


I notice most of the readers are from India and Pakistan so you learn Web Designing HTML/CSS/JavaScript in Hindi and Urdu languages by watching live projects of websites. This website is newly started by one of my v.good respected friend Wali Khan. I hope you will learn many things from this site.