Principal Investigator

Brett Walker

Associate Professor

Canada Research Chair in Accelerator Mass Spectrometry
and Marine Biogeochemistry

Department of Earth and Environmental Science, University of Ottawa

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Graduate Students

Aislinn Fox

PhD student
afox047 (at)

Thesis: Evaluating Pan-Canadian sources and cycling of particulate organic matter using radiocarbon and stable carbon isotopes

Kayla McKee

MSc student
kmcke038 (at)

Thesis: Evaluating the Molecular Composition of Total Dissolved Organic Matter in Baffin Bay using 1H-NMR Spectroscopy

Liam Jasperse

MSc student
ljasp084 (at)

Thesis: Isotopic composition and cycling of dissolved inorganic carbon in the Canadian Arctic

Lauren O'Reilly

MSc student
lorei103 (at)

Thesis: High resolution size-age-distribution of dissolved organic matter using asymmetrical flow field-flow fractionation (A4F)

underGraduate Students

Shayna Dehaan

Honors BSc student

1H-NMR Evidence for the Cycling of Labile and Recalcitrant Compound Classes in the Ocean

Shanie Nikolajew

Honors BSc student

[co-advised with Clement Bataille]

Thesis: Radiocarbon and stable isotopes as tracers of Narwhal migration and foraging behavoir in the Canadian Arctic

Former Students

Sara Zeidan

MSc 2021

Currently working at Health Canada