Onkara (The Ascension) Heads to Kolkata International Film Festival - 2023

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Vyaasa Chitraa's third film, Onkara (The Ascension), has been selected to participate in the competition section of the 29th Kolkata International Film Festival (KIFF) within the National Competition on Indian Languages Section, scheduled to take place from December 5 to 12, 2023.

Onkara' is a groundbreaking cinematic achievement as the first film ever created in the Markodi tribal language. The film stars Sudhir Karamana in the lead role, portraying a Theyam artist. This unique production will have its premiere at the upcoming International Film Festival in Kolkata, scheduled for December.

The central theme of the 'Onkara' movie revolves around creating awareness and facilitating knowledge-sharing to uplift tribal communities. Our director, Unni, and Vishnu Vadakkepat, held a special screening for officials of the Vana Vasi Kalyan Yogana in Hyderabad. The officials were deeply moved by the film's profound portrayal of tribal culture and practices. We also convened a meeting with the Vana Vasi organization in Kerala, and they have expressed their wholehearted commitment to support this cause.

Furthermore, we have shared the film with the UNESCO Heritage Division with the aim of expanding the reach and impact of our initiatives.

Unni KR directs 'Onkara,' a film produced under the banners of Crystal Media, Vyasachitra, and Sau Cine Mass, with production credits going to Subhash Menon, George Thomas Vellareth, Dr. Prahlad Vadakkepat, and Soumya. Journalist and writer Rajesh Thillankeri has written the story and screenplay for the film. The film features cinematography by Vinod Vikram and Prashant Krishna, while Sian Srikanth serves as the editor. OK Prabhakaran acts as the project coordinator, with Kallar Anil overseeing production, Jayan Poonkulam handling makeup, Sreejith and Shinu Ushas in charge of costume design, and Akhilesh contributing to the art direction. Radhakrishnan manages sound, Sudhendu Raj takes care of the music, and AS Dinesh is responsible for PR.

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