Research Capability

The Liu lab specializes in polymer synthesis, characterization, and processing, as well as plasmonic metal nanoparticle synthesis, characterization, and integration with polymers for various applications. The lab houses polymer and nanoparticle research instrumentation including numerous synthetic lines, rotavap, centrifuge, ovens, tube furnace, electrospinning station, plasma etcher, glove box, GPC, DSC, TGA, DMA, FT-IR, UV-vis-NIR, Optical Microscope, BET, Battery test station, Fuel Cell test station, Potentiostat, EIS, and others. The Liu lab has regular access to instruments including SEM, TEM, AFM, XPS, Raman, and XRD in shared facilities.


  1. TA Instruments RSA-G2 rheological solids analyzer with gas cooling accessory
  2. TA Instruments AR-G2 rheometer
  3. TA Instruments DMA Q800 dynamic mechanical analyzer with submersible clamp and gas cooling accessory
  4. TA Instruments DSC Q2000 differential scanning calorimeter with photocalorimeter accessory and RCS90 cooling system
  5. TA Instruments TMA Q400 thermomechanical analyzer
  6. TA Instruments TGA Q500 thermogravimetric analyzer
  7. Waters Breeze Aqueous Size-Exclusion Chromatography (SEC) system with Waters 2414 refractive index (RI) detector and Wyatt miniDAWN Treos multi-angle static light scattering (MALS) detector
  8. Waters Acquity Advanced Polymer Chromatography (APC) system
  9. Lasercomp Fox 50 heat flow meter

More instrumentation at NMR center of Chemistry Department

  1. Bruker Avance III 600 MHz with solution, solids, multinuclear, and pulse-field gradient capabilities
  2. Bruker Avance II 500 MHz with multinuclear, and pulse-field gradient capabilities
  3. Varian Inova 400 MHz with multinuclear and pulse-field gradient capabilities
  4. Agilent U4-DD2 400 MHz, 96 sample robot with multinuclear, variable temperature capabilities
  5. Agilent MR4 400 MHz, 12 sample carousel with multinuclear, and pulse-field gradient capabilities
  6. Bruker Avance II 300 MHz with Cross Polarization Magic Angle Spinning capabilities