Lincoln Douglas VALUES 

Named after the famous debates between Abraham Lincoln and Stephen Douglas, Lincoln Douglas debate explores the philosophical ideals and clashes of various values. 

VALUES Resolution:

Resolved: In combat, the use of automation should be valued above the use of military personnel. 

Coach's Commentary: 

We’ve got a debate topic that’s both easy to grasp and deep enough for some serious thought. It’s about automation in combat, and it’s relevant because tech is advancing faster that we could imagine and transforming society in a matter of years. The speed of change is faster than we can keep up with on the ethical side of things. This topic gets us thinking about big questions, like what it means to be human and can machines have agency and who is responsible for the actions of machines?

As we dive into this, we’ll touch on many interesting subjects through the season. Families will have plenty of topics to dive into as background for the resolution. Don't skimp on the learning to get to mere debate strategies. The foundation is where the depth comes in. At first glance, it might seem like the argument for automation is strong—robots are quick, don’t make mistakes, and can handle big tasks. But when we’re talking about real-life situations like combat, we need to think about the value of human life and judgment.

This coming season will be a great chance for families kids to discuss and balance the cool aspects of technology with the deep values that make us human. The answer isn't so straight forward. But the implications will be all to real for our society.

Where & When?

We meets at Calvary Chapel Eastside each week of from  7-9pm


Students debate over a value that helps guide a judge to prefer one or the other side of the debate resolution


Students aged 12 to 18

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