2nd Workshop on VR and AR in Everyday Context (VARECo)

The VARECo Workshop is planned to take place in conjunction with the German GI conference Mensch und Computer (MuC) in Hamburg, Germany from 8th to 11th September, 2019.


The ongoing commercialization of consumer VR/AR hardware opens up the field of potential scenarios and applications for VR and AR towards everyday context but simultaneously raise new challenges that need to be addressed in current and future research. These challenges are, for instance, the need for long-term use, the integration of hard- and software into existing work spaces, or the need for flexible and cheap creation of content (as in education). To support research and development in this area of interest, we organize this one day workshop on VR and AR in Everyday Context (VARECo) bringing together interested researchers and practitioners to discuss current and future work in this research domain.

Everyday Context

With everyday context we mean situations, environments or workflows that are part of everyday life. Examples may be the use of VR for data analysis as part of the data analyst’s workflow or the use of AR for supporting spatially dispersed workers in, e.g., maintaining of technical systems. Examples may be:

  • Data analysis at the desktop
  • Assistance and support in production, maintenance, or technical control
  • Enriching physical environments with additional information in the context of smart home, office, or city environments
  • Use of VR/AR technology in schools and universities
  • Support of health and care
  • Learning and teaching in schools, universities and other professional, semi-professional or everyday context
  • ...

Topics of Interest

Topics of interest can be found in the following not complete list:

  • Integration of VR/AR into professional workflows
  • Integration of VR/AR into consumer applications
  • Social Acceptance of VR/AR in everyday context
  • Dealing with non-lab, non-standard, constrained environments
  • Dealing with cybersickness
  • Specialized 3DUIs for everyday contexts
  • Use of VR/AR for education
  • ...

If you are interested in User-Embodied Interaction in Virtual Reality, please refer to the UIVR workshop: https://sites.google.com/view/uivrworkshop/home