Gallery of Award Recipients

VAPW strives to educate, prepare, and engage the next generation of professional Vietnamese-American women in areas of leadership and development, to mentor and encourage them to enter professional careers, and to inspire community responsibility and participation.

VAPW awards scholarships to female high school seniors who will be attending college during the upcoming academic year. Since the inception of our scholarship program, the individual scholarships have been doubled to $2,000 per award. Recipients are selected based on multiple factors, including academic accomplishments, commitment to community, and ability to overcome hardships.

Deadline: Feb 28

Scholarship Events

2019 Scholarship Awards Reception - May 2, 2019

VAPW's 11th annual scholarship awards reception was held at the Vietnamese American Cultural Center in San Jose. This year, we gained a second corporate sponsor, Wells Fargo, and increased the number of awards to 5 total.

2018 10th Scholarship Gala - April 14, 2018

VAPW celebrated its 10th scholarship awards with a gala event held at Ta Restaurant in Milpitas. The special occasion was marked with traditional "ao dai's" by its officers and members of local government came to support the achievements of our fine recipients.

2017 Scholarship Awards Reception - May 12, 2017

A proud evening for VAPW as we celebrated our 9th scholarship awards event at Tully Community Branch Library in San Jose. This was the first year we received the HP corporate grant and was able to increase the number of scholarships to 4 and provide gifts to 2 students as honorable mentions.