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art/writing on a timeline

Describe yourself in 5 words: artist, writer, thoughtful, fool, recluse.

*note, these 5 words may be subject to change. Yes, this is a joke attempt.

2022? Google sites deleted 14 pages of art and text linked to from this list. Multiple request for "Support"/Feedback is MIA as usual. Working on alt plan.

Haven't decided on a goal for 2021, yet.

While I'm attempting to figure 2021 out I've picked up bundling art derivative slips.

Blog: and Instagram m_art_slips and m_art_paper

My goal for 2020 is to attempt to focus on art making over writing.

See art blog for latest ceramic art.

or unfired clay for work-in-progress.

2019 focus was writing and illustrating a story where a cat person gets elected POTUS in 2020.

A political parody + climate change fiction prototyping how to postpone the Apocalypse.

Un-Un-Cat stands for: Unedited (therefore free), Unapologetic, Catharsis.

According to my outline there are only 3 or 4 episodes till the end of the story now (August, 2020).

I will continue to write and edit Un-Un-Cat until it's done with me. :)

Un-Un-Cat, Episode 28.--The N in HUMAN; and what that means for America

Un-Un-Cat, Episode 27.--The A in HUMAN; ArtCoin365 economic stimulus for the arts.

Un-Un-Cat, 26. -- The M in HUMAN. Jan 2020

Un-Un-Cat will stay FREE to read until it's edited.

In-spite of being quite ill this year (cancer, enough said) I did have a good writing year.

104,290 words of this story typed in 2019 (not counting the ink on paper draft or other writing).

Un-Un-Cat, Episode 25. -- The U in HUMAN. Nov 2019

Temporary focus shift to art while recovering from cancer round 3. Pottery therapy. Aug - Oct 2019

Posted list 'How To Postpone the apocalypse' on WikiBooks for everyone. March 15, 2019

Story posted on All episodes of Un-Un-Cat are free to read.

Un-Un-Cat, Episode 24. Housing as a Right. The H in HUMAN.

Un-Un-Cat, Episode 23. Heal the digital divide for the humans. Cat versus Dog way of thinking.

Un-Un-Cat, Episode 22. Freedom & Integrity in Journalism.

Un-Un-Cat, Episode 21. The White House Lawn.

Un-Un-Cat, Episode 20. — FORWARD!!!

Un-Un-Cat, Episode 19. — Poetic Justice a.k.a. Level Orange Catharsis.

Un-Un-Cat, Episode 18. The Untimely Impeachment

Un-Un-Cat, Episode 17. --- A WARNING from an Asperger's Spectrum Point of View for the 2020 Primaries.

Un-Un-Cat, Episode 16. -- Home is where the heart is.

Un-Un-Cat, Episode 15. -- How a Cat became the HUMAN candidate.

Un-Un-Cat, Episode 14. — Wake Up America! The Millennials are coming!!

Un-Un-Cat Episode 13. What Utah Robin Green Really wants.

Un-Un-Cat Episode 12. Cat's don't understand romance.

Free read Un-Un-Cat Episode 11. Cat's Don't Understand Bad-guys.

Un-Un-Cat Episode 10. Money, politics, and stuff.

Free read Un-Un-Cat, Episode 9. — TL;DR(too long; didn’t read).

Un-Un-Cat, Episode 8.— Farewell

Free read Un-Un-Cat — Episode 7. Dog’s Point Of View on How to Save the World.

Un-Un-Cat Episode 6. Dog never gives up hope for his people to one day become friends with the people of Earth.

Free read Un-Un-Cat Episode 5. Lonely Dog from a galaxy far, far, away, learns how to make friends on the internet.

Un-Un-Cat — Episode 4. Nothing to fear, food, and point of view.

Free read Un-Un-Cat — Episode 3. The house that Uncle Jack built.

Un-Un-Cat — Episode 2. Hello, World! — (live long and prosper).

Free read Un-Un-Cat Episode 1. -- Not a chicken, Not an egg.

Aug 2018 about time I started the scribble draft / outline for next year's fiction project.

Ceramic art gallary on 2018 - 2020

Some of the many hand made 'tb' (thought-books) scribble filled,

mostly with words, over the years.

2018 #doodles continue for pages after even more doodles than... May 23 - June 2, June 3 - 13, June 14 - 26, June 27 - July 10, July 11 - July 22, July 23 - Aug 3, Aug 4 - Oct, Nov - Dec, 2018.

more doodles April 9 - 26, even more doodles April 27 - May 11, even more doodles than May 12 - 22, 2018

Expulsion of the fool, how-to-save-the-world a list of 50 daydreams Dec 2017 - April 2018 #drawfool #doodles April 9, 2018 (index of doodle galleries in footer)

Unfired clay - ceramic art work-in-progress 2016 - current

A few jokes with illustrations. 2017

Our bathroom tiles. 2016

Submitted a three act play for the stage to a contest in NY 2015

Many, many doodles and marks on paper 2012 - 2014

Unfired clay - ceramic art work-in-progress 2014 - 2016

Story of the Snack Defender - May 2013

Raku fire - Defensive Basket Vases June 2013

Unfired clay May 2013

Derivative art slips, photographed May 2014.

Derivative art slips 2012. 'M' project evolved from origin 'mbtd' 1994

2012 A rough edit of the unfinished novel is an e-book. Listed on Google Books until replaced by a revision.

(see cover image 'Code of the Fates' below this list)

Art November 2011

Ceramic Art - May 2011

Unfired pottery/ceramic art - work-in-progress Jan. - May 2011

2011 - I posted a page of a fiction novel draft 365 on my blog. The working draft of book 1. 'Code of the Fates' was 127,498 words.

Art thought per day 365 in 2010 - 2nd blog #doodle per day 365 2010

Pottery November & December 2010

Pottery September & October 2010

Pottery August 2010

Pottery July 2010

3 June Vases 2010

Pottery Fired in May 2010

Spiked Vessel with Stacking Vases April 2010

2nd gallery - pottery/ceramic art - work-in-progress 2010

Pottery January & February 2010

pottery/ceramic art - work-in-progress 2010

Pottery September & October 2009

Pottery July & August 2009

collaboration art with Tod Antilla Feb. 2009

pottery/ceramic art - work-in-progress 2009

test tiles and 3D doodles in clay, Feb. 2009

Pottery December 2008

Ceramic Art October and November 2008

Pottery September 2008

Pottery July & August 2008

Pottery May & June 2008

Bisqued preglaze fire ceramic art 2008

Ceramic art March & April 2008

Raku firing March 30, 2008

Pottery January & February 2008

Raku firing at MudFire Clay Studio, Decatur GA 2008

2003 - 2007 I submitted a 145+ page package of writing called a screenplay bible, including an out-line proposal, synopsis, and sample episodes for a TV show to a major studio in LA, I received 3 very nice rejection slips/letters from three different agents/editors.

2003 - 2005 archive of cartoon art

Images Super 8mm and digital from 2002 including images from unfinished 'Kiss of the Mud Monster'

2001 College Super 8-mm film About A Day and Animation project 'Way of the Car'

Etching & color mono-type prints 1994 - 2001

A mixed image gallery from old Geocities web site 1999

1997 - 1998 Curly comic strip and other cartoon characters

Pottery made between 1989 - 1995.

'Monster Behind the Door' print series 1994

1993 - 90's doodles

1990's drawings

1989 a few drawings from before the 90's

Old art blogs this index site is replacing. - and
Social Media Network: I am @Uva_Be on twitter, uva-be on tumblr, and uva-be on ello.