Current Team

Rebecca Tobin, MSc Student

Research interests: predictive analytics, and clustering and classification, and their applications to the health sciences, particularly personalized medicine and the prediction of disease onset and progression

Rebecca has been awarded an Ontario Graduate Scholarship for her MSc starting Fall 2022. Congrats Rebecca!

Dr. Wangshu Tu, Postdoctoral Fellow

Research interests: Biclustering, Model-based Clustering, Microbiome Data Analysis, Regression Analysis

Kyuson Lim, PhD Student

Research interests: high-dimensional mixture clustering, Bayesian statistics, data visualization and computational statistics

Romika Subedi, Research Assistant

Research interests: epidemiology, biostatistics, genetic disorders and pediatric disease

Romika has been awarded an NSERC USRA. Congrats Romika!

Romika has been awarded an iCUREUS. Congrats Romika!

Sarah Haunton, Directed Studies student

Research interests: Duchenne muscular dystrophy, adrenal function, biomedical science

Radhika Chhibber, MSc student

Research interests: epidemiology, Duchenne muscular dystrophy, biomarkers


Khalil Kain (Undergraduate Research Assistant)

Dr. Shefa Tawalbeh (co-supervised; Master's, PhD)

Dr. Yuan Fang (Research Assistant)

Vanja Davidovic (co-supervised; summer research, directed studies)