Meet the Officers

Meet the Officer Council

The USF Band is a student-led group, and we’re proud of this tradition! Under the guidance of our Faculty Director / Advisor Joe Lares, the Band is led by eight elected student officers. All band members are invited to come to the weekly Officer Meetings, and band members should use the officers as a source of information on the band and USF. Officers hold office hours during the week in the Band Shack and are eager to have visitors!

Manager – Pauline "Band Mom" Comendador

The Band's Manager is the “President” of the band. The Manager oversees much of the band’s activities, communicates with USF athletics and Student Leadership & Engagement (SLE), makes contact for gigs, acts as a coordinator for the Band (ordering transportation, arranging lodging), and presides over Officer meetings.

Drum Major – Mitchell "Ya You Betcha" Lee

The Drum Major directs the Band during performances, in the stands at games, assists with music rehearsals, leads cheers, orders music, makes copies, manages the music library, and helps the coordinate performances.

Assistant Manager – Alex "shak hermit" Plimpton

The Assistant Manager assists the Manager with their duties, handles correspondence, assists with planning and logistics, announces the performance schedule via weekly email, updates the band's online calendar, acts as liaison to the alumni, and annually updates the Band's handbook, The Don Manuel.

Treasurer – Alex "yee" Yee

The Treasurer helps create and manage the band's budget, reports on the budget at meetings, handles donations, disseminates funds, works with the Manager and committees on funding.

Secretary – Briane "Smol" Martinez

The Secretary takes minutes at meetings and share them via the interwebs, collects mail, and takes attendance at rehearsals and gigs, manage the band's membership roster and member contact info, and updates public whiteboards, calendars, and corkboards with pertinent info. They're also responsible for keeping the office / band shack organized and tidy.

Recruiter and Social Committee Chair – Thalia "Tol" Chavez

The Recruitment and Social Committee Chair plans and execute regular recruitment events, provides and coordinates tabling support, creates and posts flyers, sends follow up emails coordinates with the Photographer and Social Media Manager on supporting recruitment efforts, regularly plans and executes wholesome social events, handles event logistics, and coordinates transportation for social events.

Equipment Manager – Danny "White Chocolate" Poore

The Equipment Manager maintains the Band's instruments and equipment, purchases supplies, directs the transportation of instruments to and from performances, and checks out instruments to Bandsmen.

Photographer and Social Media Manager – Robert "Meme King" Macaibay

The Photographer and Social Media Manager manages the band’s social media presence; photographs and films gigs, trips, rehearsals, performances, and social events; post photos, videos, and updates on the interwebs; advertises the band’s activities, events, and performances; engage with the public and promote the band, support recruitment efforts, and creates an annual slideshow for Retreat.

Shacktivities Coordinator - Jennette "Shack Potato" Yee

The Shacktivities Coordinator is the person who is always hanging around our band room, affectionately referred to as "the Shack". The Coordinator opens the Shack during random times, posts this open status on group chat so people can drop by, keeps the Office and Shack organized and tidy, organizes a team when serious clean up efforts are needed, bothers people / sections when the shack isn’t left clean, and coordinates with the Social Chair for any shack related events that may arise.

Faculty & Staff

Director / Advisor: Joseph Lares - Adjunct Faculty, Performing Arts and Social Justice (Music Program)

Drum Coach: Brittany Iverson