About the Band

We're the

University of San Francisco Dons Band !

A 30-member college pep band that performs at campus, community, and athletic events throughout the academic year.

What We Do

The Dons Band performs at a variety of campus, community, and athletic events.

Past performances include:


Our repertoire spans the genres of classic rock, metal, funk, pop, R&B, punk, latin, and traditional.

Our membership is made up of passionate people who want to play music. Our uniform consists of jeans, white shirt, and green 'Dons' vest, which members adorn with pins, patches, mementos, and badges of honor from past trips and adventures. We're a fun-loving, spirited group, and it shows!

Trips, Spirit, Socials

The Band attends USF athletic events, including basketball, soccer, and volleyball. Our annual trip to Las Vegas for the WCC Basketball Tournament is the highlight of spring semester.

We also share our spirit with the rest of the University by making appearances at University functions, like the Garden Stand, PASJ Music Festival, and student organized events.

Outside of performances and rehearsals, our social committee organize events where members can relax and explore the City. Past events include movie nights, pumpkin carving, ice-skating, and Boba tea runs.

Many band members make close friends and discover a group of people they consider extended family. Our member continue to make life-long friends within our band.

K$ on sousaphone aka The Funk Engine

Student-Led & Faculty Assisted

Under the guidance of our Faculty Director / Advisor, eight student officers lead the USF Band. Our student officers gain valuable leadership experience as they conduct the band, coordinate performance logistics, organize fundraisers, repair instruments, select music, and plan social events.

We also have a constitution that outlines our organization's structure, purpose, and procedures.

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It's Paul!

Time Commitment

Many of our members have jobs, outside commitments, or participate in other campus organizations. Because of that, we've designed our group so that members can decide what level of commitment they can make. Members decide how much they can participate in the Band.

The full band rehearses every Monday night from 7:00 - 9:00 PM. Sections meet to rehearse 1 hour each week. We typically perform 2 - 3 times per month.

Thanks to the Performing Arts Department and the College of Arts & Sciences, members have the option to receive up to 2 units of course credit for their participation.

The band is offered as a course by the Performing Arts and Social Justice Department, is a registered "Gold" organization under Student Leadership and Engagement, and receives funding them USF Athletics.

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Our Mission

We live by the USF motto:

Pro Urbe et Universitate : For the City and University.

We love our University, our community, and our teams, and they love us back. This is our Band, and we're committed to supporting our University in the Greatest City on Earth. Our Band is driven make a positive impact on the lives of others. Being in the USF Band allows us to perform music, enrich lives, and forge friendships that will last a lifetime.

Purpose & Goals

1. To provide the University of San Francisco students the opportunity to perform in a collegiate marching band.

2. To provide support to the University of San Francisco's collegiate athletes through quality musical performances, attendance at sporting events, and spirited expressions of school pride.

3. To foster and instill a sense of ‘Dons Pride’ in the University of San Francisco student body through energetic performances, as well as the building and maintenance of traditions which enrich the campus.

4. To promote fellowship among its members, and provide students the opportunity to strengthen leadership skills through the direct management of an active organization.

5. To serve, promote, and represent the University of San Francisco as a good-will ambassador throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, State of California, and the nation at various athletic events, performances and appearances throughout each year.