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Car Dealerships Say The New Sorento Is Spacious, Safe, and Speedy

When you think of a modern SUV, most people jump to an American model that sports some gas-guzzling V8 and a host of usually useless attempts to economize a highly inefficient design. But gone are the days when you had to sacrifice your fuel savings and vehicle looks to drive one of those outdated beats. The new Sorento blows them out of the water, somehow combining incredibly modern, high-tech safety with plenty of legroom, as well as a turbo option, that despite its quick get-up-and-go abilities, still manages impressive fuel economy, and it's all wrapped up in a beautiful façade.

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Safety First

New Kia Sorentos Edmonton fresh from the car dealerships are going to bedazzle drivers with their array of gadgets that keep you safe and informed at all times. From stability control, adaptive cruise control, and a genius little blind-spot monitor on the mirror, all the way to those more-lifesaving features like brakes that assist you when you aren't aware you need to use them, rear cross-traffic alert, rollover determent, forward collision warning, and cornering brake control. I could go on for days with the additional features, but already this model is absolutely superior to the average SUV for safety reasons alone.

Space-Age Spaciousness

While sporting a host of amazing new technology to keep you safe, Kia also went through the effort of adjusting the wheelbase size, and giving more seating arrangements in different models. Though you can choose between a four and six cylinder model, I would definitely go with the V6, and pick up the turbo option, as well. It still manages excellent economy while giving you that much-needed acceleration for those difficult traffic-maneuvering scenarios. Going with this model also allows you to have up to seven passengers since it has the additional third seat, so you can fit the whole crew on board. Make sure to check with your car dealerships before showing up to test drive this one, though, as it might not be available everywhere.

More Than Just Speed

Though we briefly mentioned the turbo, it's not necessarily a feature for everyone. So that you are aware, car dealerships let you choose between many engine sizes, in six and four cylinders, and you will usually be able to add the turbo onto any model. You can also get a lower liter rating to save a bit more on your fuel economy. Many users reported up to 27 MPH on the highway, which is staggering considering the average for SUVs of its class is often only around 20 MPH. But, no matter what, you will love the redesigned look, with sleek curves that are comparable to a sports car, and a beautiful interior to match. This model comes in a huge variety of submodels, all with different features to match your spending limits. If you're ready to step into a vehicle that not only blows away the competition, but will keep you comfortable for years to come, the new Sorento gets the best-in-show award for most diverse options in a family-friendly SUV.

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Where Can I Find a Good Cheap SUV

Most car buyers usually prefer to buy SUVs since this type of a vehicle has a powerful engine, impressive safety features, and ample interior space for transporting many passengers or bulky cargoes. However, a lot of car finders are having a hard time in buying SUVs since most of these vehicles are sold at higher prices.

This doesn't mean that it is impossible for car buyers to purchase an SUV. All they need to do is conduct the needed car research on where they can find affordable SUVs that are in good condition.

If you are planning to buy a good cheap SUV, then you should try looking for that vehicle you want to buy from any one of the following.

1. Local dealerships

One of the best places to look for a good cheap SUV is your local car dealership. Local car dealerships usually have the latest and most expensive brands of SUVs, but they might also have a model that fits your budget. You can try searching for older models that are about to be replaced by newer versions. Given this situation, the prices of older SUV models start going down, which gives buyers a better chance at finding a vehicle within their budget.

Dealerships might also provide you with better deals, since selling the older models would surely prove more difficult for them, given that most buyers are looking for the newer models of SUVs. Just don't forget to examine the vehicle's specs and try to assess if these features are suitable for your driving needs.

2. Car manufacturer websites

You can also look for a cheap SUVs by checking the manufacturers website. These sites usually provide information about the price of the vehicle as well as specs and features of each of their models. These sites could also provide you with a list of affiliated dealership websites which could be a good opportunity for you to find the vehicle that you need.

Make sure to check each of the car manufacturer websites to increase your chances of getting the best and most affordable SUV. Try to be very patient. In case you failed to find your potential vehicle from one site, proceed to the next and continue the search until you find what you need.

3. Used car dealerships

Used car dealerships are also a great place to find a good and cheap SUV. These sellers offer a lot of previously owned SUVs in good condition and at lower prices. However, you need to be very careful is selecting the vehicle that you would buy. If you are not careful enough, you might end up getting a damaged vehicle.

Due to this, there is a need for you to bring along a professional mechanic. This might cost you a few extra dollars, but this will also ensure that you will be getting a vehicle in good working order. This is a better alternative than doing the assessment of the SUV yourself and regret your choice in the end.

The Best Automobiles

Automobiles are a great favorite of most people but there is a need to be cautious when looking to buy one. People have different likes and tastes when it comes to cars in terms of features, models, brands and overall performance of the vehicle. Kia is one of the most popular brands in the market and has everything to offer car owners so it is hard to miss what he or she is looking for, whether it is to purchase new or pre-owned cars.

Among the latest models for the year 2011 is the Kia Sorento LX whose features are quite impressive. The vehicle is redesigned for improved performance and appearance, giving any Kia driver or car owner the kind of contentment he or she desires. There is a wide range of other new models for customers to choose from, with the guarantee that they get only the very best from the vehicle they choose.

Company offers excellent vehicle reviews together with the prices of each model, making it quite easy for customers to choose what they are looking for. The prices depend on the model, type and class and it is therefore easy for one to choose something affordable and one that meets all one's needs. Customers will also find very good financial plans in terms of paying for the car of choice. These plans make it easy for one to pay for the vehicle within the time range one is comfortable with. One also has the platform to negotiate for a better price, and this can result in great savings.

The reliable cars come with a warranty and they are free from common defects. In case there is a problem, the buyer or owner is covered in terms of replacement of any defective parts or repairs with some conditions and limits. It is important for car owners to ensure that what is covered by the warranty is what they require and that it is designed to protect them as well as their automobiles. Whatever the automobile needs.You can even get professional help from the qualified staff especially when you are undecided about what to buy. They can offer you plenty of comparisons, reviews and analysis to make your decision making process easier.

5 Cool Cars From Kia

Korean automaker Kia, along with its partner Hyundai, represent the fourth largest automotive entity in the world. Hyundai is the clear leader in this relationship, but Kia has several products of its own that make this upstart automaker one worth watching. If you're in the market for a new car, Kia has five cool models for your consideration.

1. Kia Soul - The hip, urban Soul defies easy categorization. Yes, it is a compact vehicle, but it has a big interior. Yes, it is smartly priced, but its value appeals to a young generation. The Kia Soul offers plenty of room for five adults and features many of the amenities today's young drivers want including Bluetooth connectivity, air-conditioning, power windows along with its stylish and funky appeal. Priced from just under $14K, fully loaded this model can be had for under $20K.

2. Kia Forte - Whoever said a compact car has to be boring? Not Kia and certainly not the Kia Forte. This five passenger vehicle is offered in coupe, sedan and hatchback body styles offering very good fuel economy, excellent handling and a host of features standard including a robust 2.0-liter four cylinder engine, steering wheel mounted audio controls, a 6-speaker audio system and Bluetooth wireless connectivity. If you need more storage room, then the hatchback works for you.

3. Kia Optima - The midsize sedan segment is packed with competitors, which means that the Kia Optima has to deliver value for its price. The Optima succeeds by offering a well equipped family sedan for under $19K, featuring SIRIUS satellite radio, a 6-speaker audio system, Bluetooth connectivity and a 2.4-liter four cylinder engine paired with a 6-speed automatic transmission with shifting capabilities. The sedan's roomy interior, 35 mpg highway rating and new hybrid sedan make the Optima the ultimate in its class.