Sheriff's Court - Independent of the Federal Territorial US District, State

© NSEA AssociationJune 17, 2013NATIONAL STANDARDSENFORCEMENT AGENCYTo: DTom Murphy, Sheriff’s Counselc/o: NSEA International, West Coast Office284 Wilson Drive [93455]Santa Maria, CaliforniaRe: Approval of the Independence Day Fund Raiser for the State Sheriffs AssociationsDear Mr. Murphy:You have requested approval of your proposed Independence Day Fund Raiser Program to supportthe State Sheriffs Associations nationally. It is my understanding that the goal for the program is forevery county nationally to become independent of the federal territorial US DISTRICT, STATESUPERIOR and MUNICIPAL courts of inferior jurisdiction having no judicial authority in America by reestablishingthe “Sheriffs Court” for the American people, the lawful court of superior and finaljurisdiction, in every State and Federal Judicial District nationally.The goal of this program is to establish by Independence Day, July 4th of 2013, a Sheriffs Court inevery State as a separate and independent court system having jurisdiction over environmentalmatters as provided for in Sec. 9, of the Federal Water Pollution Control Act Amendments, Pub. L. No.92-500 § 2, 86 State. 816, enacted October 18, 1972.Every Sheriff, upon establishing the Sheriffs Court in his/her County/Federal Judicial District asprovided in the Notice documents, will be awarded a $1,000 (one thousand dollar) bonus.1Every Sheriff who sponsors another Sheriff to establish a constitutional Sheriffs Court in his/her CountyJudicial District and or Federal Judicial District will also be rewarded a $1,000 sponsorship fee.Further, for every Sheriffs Court established before Independence Day, NSEA International will donate$1,000 to the State Sheriffs Association of that State. Additionally, the Office of Sheriff in each countyand the State Sheriffs Associations will both receive and “ongoing” $1000 “Justice Fee” for each caseprosecuted in the Sheriffs Court of the people for that County or Federal Judicial District.Please consider the following terms and conditions attached to the approval of this program. The program will run through the 4th of July, Independence Day, 2013 All Sheriffs must rescind their “voter’s registration” with the federal United States, Inc.2It is way-passed time to take back control of America through re-establishment of the lawful courts ofthe people having superior and final jurisdiction, the Sheriffs Court of the American people.God bless America,Executive Administrator1409 Kingsview DriveGranite Shoals, Texas 786541 All Bonuses will be paid out of prosecution proceeds received by NSEA International.2 When you registered to become an instrumentality/voter, you became subject to the federal industrial war complex known as the UNITED STATESCORPORATION. You declared to be a “citizen of the United States” which according to the 14th amendment of their corporate charter they refer to as THECONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES, you became subject to that corporate UNITED STATES inferior jurisdiction and unknowingly surrendered yoursuperior status and standing as one of the American people. The voter’s registration is what is used by the feds to presume jurisdiction over you. For this reason, you,as an elected Sheriff, must rescind that voter’s registration, your declaration of subject status as a “citizen of the United States” as you can’t lawfully occupy the de Jure Office of Sheriff otherwise - “A man cannot serve two masters.” Further, you also must take the correct oath that has the words “support this Constitution” in it.LETTER FOR TERMINATION OF VOTER REGISTRATION, i.e. WITHDRAWOF PARTICIPATION IN REBELLING AGAINST THE REPUBLIC.Certified Mail #: 7011 0470 0000 7177 8815 COLORADO/TANEY COUNTYTANEY COUNTY CLERKS OFFICEVOTER’S REGISTRATIONAttn: Donna Neeley, County Clerk,P.O. BOX 156 FORSYTH, MO. 65653 February 14, 2013 Greetings Ms. Donna Neely, Served Party:It has come to my startling attention that participating in elections generates a person to commit a crime pursuant to Section 2 of the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States, Inc.’s private Charter. Such crime is perceived to be an act of treason, which is based on the breach of political allegiance to the (or a lawful) state governmentof the living wo/man First Middle (Last) that existed prior to said corporate amendment.As such operation of law is-simply put-unconscionable, I hereby formally and expressly DEMAND that the name,as it appears herein presented above, or any variation thereof, be removed from the voter registration rolls forthwith and cancelled ab inito. The wo/man presented above is NOT a “citizen,” i.e. subject to the United States, Inc.I would very much appreciate a response from your department within thirty (30) days of your receiving this claim and demand which: 1) Certifies 1 the expungement of such registration and the manner in which it was executed; 2) Explains why this department has acted in bad faith inasmuch as it failed to advise the people of their involvement in such an artifice and scheme (in the meaning of the original U.S. Constitution, Article 3, Section 3).If I do not hear from you in the time specified, by your silence it will be deemed that you are a knowing party tothis artifice/scheme and the injuries will be figured accordingly. Your failure to certify that such legal hypothesis is not correct will deem it to be true and factual.I am greatly anticipating your full cooperation in this matter.Sincerely,____________________________________First Middle (Last), American national;Beneficiary of:FIRST MIDDLE LAST ESTATE/TRUSTC/O: 1440 State Hwy 000, Suite Q-418Branson, Colorado near [65600]COPIES OF THE PRECEDING HAVE BEEN SENT TO THE FOLLOWING FOREIGN-STATE AGENTS:COLORADO DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE Attn: John W. Suthers, Attorney General Ralph L. Carr Colorado Judicial Center 1300 Broadway, 10th Floor Denver, Colorado [80203]UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICEAttn: ERIC HOLDER, Attorney General 950 Pennsylvania Avenue NW Washington, DC 20530-00011 The term “certify” means that the “Served Party” has to provide a sworn statement to include the following:1) That the UNITED STATES (INC.)-and the STATE OF COLORADO(INC.)-has disclosed in good faith that their quasi-government of Colorado is not a lawful government under the doctrines of international law nor the original U.S. Constitution;2) That the STATE OF COLORADO [Dun & Bradstreet “DUNS” # 07-643-8621] is in fact a quasi-political subdivision, a private subcorporation of the UNITED STATES, INC., and is a non-American foreign state corporation owned by the Vatican;3) That every one of the American people that participate in any election is deemed a citizen of the United States-i.e., U.S. person or federal citizen, and has deemed him/herself SUBJECT to the said quasi-political subdivision owned by the Vatican;4) That any such American (participating in elections) descends to the inferior status and standing of a mere “citizen” SUBJECT of (ands ubordinate to) the United States Congress and/or the United States, Inc. that is owned and controlled by the VATICAN and the CROWN. Hard Evidence of Corporate Takeover at All Levels of Government in America, as Well as of the United Nations – DUNS NUMBERS FOR EACH STATE IS BELOW.