Dun & Bradstreet #'s OF british crown corporations

DUNS Numbers of Each US Corporate State and Its Largest City

State of Alabama 004027553 City of Birminham-074239450

State of Alaska 068300170 City of Fairbanks-079261830

State of Arizona-068300170 City of Phoenix-030002236

State of Arkansas 619312569 City of Little Rock=065303794

State of California 071549000 City of Los Angeles-159166271

State of Colorado 076438621 City of Denver-066985480

State of Connecticut 016167285 City of Brideport-156280596

State of Delaware 037802962 City of Wilmington-067393900

State of Columbia 949056860 City of Washington-073010550

State of Florida 004078374 City of Miami-965299576

State of Georgia 069230183 City of Atlanta-065372500

State of Hawaii 077676997 City of Honolulu-828979612

State of Idaho 071875734 City of Boise-070017017

State of Illinois 065232498 City of Chicago-556057206

State of Iowa 828089701 City of Indianapolis-964647155

State of Kentucky 828008883 City of Louisville-943445093

State of Louisiana 0612389911 City of New Orleans-033692404

State of Maine 061207536 City of Portland, Main-071747802

State of Maryland 847612442 City of Baltimore-052340973

State of Massachussetts 138090548 City of Boston-007277284

State of Michigan 054698428 City of Detroit-021733631

State of Minnesota 050375465 City of Minneapolis-009901959

State of Mississippi 008210692 City of Jackson-020864955

State of Missouri 616963596 City of Kansas (City)-832496868

State of Montana 945782027 City of Billings-068925759

State of Nebraska 041472307 City of Omaha-926604690

State of Nevada 123259447 City of Las Vegas-019342317

State of New Hampshire 066760232 City of Manchester-045009073

State of New Jersey 067373258 City of Newark-019092531

State of New Mexico 007111818 City of Albuquerque-129962346

State of New York 041002973 City of New York-021741036

State of North Carolina 830979667 City of Charlotte-809275006

State of North Dakota 098564300 City of Bismark-080245640

State of Ohio 034309166 City of Columbus-010611869

State of Oklahoma 050411726 City of Oklahoma (City)-073131542

State of Oregon 932534998 City of Portland (Oregon)-054971197

State of Pennsylvania 933882784 City of Philadelphia-929068737

State of Rhode Island 008421763 City of Providence-069853752

State of South Carolina 067006072 City of Columbia-878281562

State of Tennessee 04143882 City of Memphis-051386258