Here's the free source to get started creating your own anti-slave documents to file: Download here. This is a work in progress. This is being tested as you read this with success!

To order the deluxe package that includes a copyright and assumed name certificate and documents filled out for you to file costs $?:

To get your documents filled out so you can download them and print them out for a small processing fee of $?.00 with instructions, click here to download the intake form (or print the list of info needed for each person below to send in with your processing fee for each individual) to complete and mail in a money order for $?.00 USD to Anti-Slavery Project (This fee includes a copyright fee of $17.00, $? processing fee, $50 assumed name certificate fee) -. The rest goes for a copyright and assumed name certificate, fee to publish public notice in local newspaper etc.

Breakdown of currently known fees: $17 per copyright, $50 for assumed name certificate, and a few other fees that you will have like a fee to file the paperwork in the recorders office in your county and state. You may want to file it in other locations and run a notice in the paper two or three times.

We are all learning here and as better ways to do this comes to our knowledge we will share that information to our members as well.

For each individual the following info must be included with the $? processing fee and $17 copyright and $50 assumed name certificate for a total of $117 for each living being:

  • FULL name as it appears on your birth certificate (please include a copy of the birth certificate
  • Your contact info, Mailing address, Physical Address, City, State, and zip code
  • Your email address and land and cell phone numbers
  • Women: all maiden names and married names
  • Date of Birth
  • Time of Birth
  • How much you weighed at birth
  • Your birth Mother's name
  • Your birth Father's name
  • Where you were born, City and State and Country
  • send pictures of your face, eyes and pictures of you as a child and a few as you aged. Send close up of your face like a passport picture front and side view of your head
  • Download and print the above information and send this finger print form and scan it and email it to