will be honored to host the first ever

Legacy Jam in Scottsdale Arizona!

Date TBD

3 Steps:

(18 & Under must have a Legal Guardian present)

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Early registration opens 2 weeks prior to the event. Athletes will sign in for their session with a completed waiver and entry fee at event. Registration at the event opens 20 minutes before the session.

3) See you at the trails!

Limited Registration

15-20 Riders per session

Sorry, Trails can only support so many athletes. Make sure you get to registration early!

Bring cash for Raffles & Stuff!

The Arizona Legacy Jam is a cross between a cultural and educational action sports event focusing on freestyle cycling. The Garcia Family has offered us this amazing opportunity for Urban Recreation Inc. to host this Dirt Jumping community event around their home located in Scottsdale, AZ.

The Garcia’s have long provided volunteers an opportunity to build a professional dirt jumping trail set on a portion of their property if we keep it up. The impact that this opportunity has had on over 40 consistent locals, and countless national, even international athletes has been a blessing to this adventurous community. Now we are hoping to share it with a large audience and continue building the legacy of the legends that have impacted our sport and our local communities. Our expected attendance is 120+

Henry White, one of those volunteers has planned and executed 2 public action sports events, “the Pat Blackburn Open” (2016) and “the Chandler Jam” (2017) both at the Chandler Bike Park located in the Espee Sports Complex in Chandler Arizona, both freestyle cycling events were executed without incident. Over $10,000 was raised for the Arizona Parks and Recreation Fellowship while he coordinated the food vendors for the City of Phoenix, Fabulous Phoenix 4th of July event for 2 years. Henry is also the founder of Urban Recreation Inc., a freestyle advocacy and events coordination group and is responsible for the planning, management, licensing, and execution of the Legacy Jam including acquiring funding from sponsors, vendors and donation prizes for participants and contestants.

The focus of the event will be on the Legacy Jam, giving more youth an opportunity to experience this amazing dirt creation in a safe environment(without professionals zipping by at higher rates of speed) while transitioning through other age & skill levels to eventually some of the top freestyle riders in the world. To draw a larger group of athletes we’ve invited a few local BMX vendors and intend to educate the attendees and participants on Brain Injuries. The Garcia Family will be hosting the “Block Party” VIP/ 21+ area on their private patio to enjoy the event with their neighbors, friends and family.

The event philosophy is based on the legacy trail builders have developed within our communities. Over the past few decades freestyle BMX & MTB’ing have exploded creating several subcultures while paving a way to the Olympic Forum. Many will argue that modern freestyle developed out of BMX and its deep roots to racing on dirt, well we argue to have the best private dirt facility in the state of Arizona and want to share it.

Bringing focus to the impact we intend to make; in recent years the dark side of this sport is rearing its ugly head and we are reminded of the toll it takes on us all. Many of us believe Chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), a neurodegenerative disease caused by repeated head injuries, has claimed several admired and loved professionals within our sport. Symptoms may include behavioral problems, mood problems, and problems with thinking, a scary possibility that can lead to dementia. Through the Brain Injury Alliance of Arizona, we hope to educate the local freestyle cycling community of the dangers associated with multiple repeated concussions and the importance of riding safely with certified helmets.


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