the Rules

These rules are designed to maximize time efficiency, reduce unnecessary risk, and provide clarity to participants and spectators during the event.

1. All participants are expected to act in the best interest of the community and perform with positive sportsmanship. Participants that are not acting in such a manner will be asked to leave the event without a refund.

2. Helmets are mandatory for participants and must be worn at all times. Other safety equipment is encouraged at riders discretion.

3. Return to play, any athletes displaying signs and symptoms of a concussion will not be allowed to continue riding.

4. One rider at a time. All participants and spectators are asked to remain clear of the usable terrain to allow competitors ample room to perform and reduce the possibility of a collision.

5. No headphones. All spectators and participants should be listening and able to hear MC/Lead during contest in case of emergency, dissemination of important information, or calling on a particular athlete.

6. Watch out! Everything doesn’t go according to plan and bikes do fly, this can create a particularly hazardous situation if you’re not paying attention.

7. We’ve got a few cameramen to cover the event, please take all photos and videos from a distance and remain clear of usable terrain to not interfere with performing competitors.

8. Please listen to staff and allow them to perform their duties. We know watching your friend crash isn’t ideal and the situation can be serious, even deadly, so let our trained staff and volunteers do their job.

9. Have Fun!


Bring Completed:

Waiver, Risk Assumption, Release of Liability and Indemnity

form to registration desk at event.

Sign in for your event class

Pay $15 dollar entry the day of the competition.

All three steps must be completed prior to competitions

Any athletes under the age of 18 must have legal guardian sign Waiver in person.

To remain eligible, participants must follow the rules of the event as established by Urban Recreation Inc., respect other riders, and respect the property of the Garcia's and their neighbors.