HD Textures for Unreal and Unreal Tournament

If you are running UT99 436, it is highly recommended that you apply the '4GB memory aware patch' to avoid out-of-memory crashes. The UT 469 and Unreal 227 patch have already fixed this issue.



An excellent guide to setting up all things Unreal HD by Arc on the Steam forum

S3TC Techdemo Betatextures

The earliest versions of the HD textures




HD Texture Addon for Deja Vu Gryphon Revisited December 2020

HD Texture Addon for The Fifth Vortex map pack

December 2020

Youtube videos that feature the HD textures and skins

October 2020

August 2020

Version 3.0 HD texture pack

June 2020

Unreal Tournament HD textures 3.0 are here. This release is focused on completing all of the UT99 specific texture packages that were incomplete. UT99 is now HD from top to bottom! Check out 314 Reactors' video of the Beta:

Unreal HD textures has a new improved version as well!

  • Lightning Hunter recently put out version 3 of the Unreal HD Skins mod - available at ModDB

Information on HD texture pack versions.

There are older versions out there on OldUnreal, ModDB and Medors' archive that are incomplete. Check the dates! For more info click here.

Version 3.0 - June 2020. Focused on the Unreal Tournament specific textures. All of textures in UT99 are HD, including bonus pack 1-4 textures. The UT 2nd CD S3TC textures are not needed when using this pack. The Unreal 1 pack is also new and improved.

Version 2.0 - Nov 2019. Focused on Unreal 1 textures. UT99 specific textures not included. Almost all textures in the pack received graphical improvements.

Version 1.0 - May 2019. Focused on Unreal 1 textures. UT99 specific textures not included. This release filled in the textures that were not HD before I took over the project - about half of Unreals' textures.

Unreal preview video