Best Healthcare Administration Schools and Programs

Healthcare is perhaps the hottest industry in the nation. Employment statistics for nearly every healthcare occupation reflect >20% growth for the foreseeable future. These jobs fall on both the clinical and the administration side. In fact, for most professions elsewhere in the economy, there is usually an equivalent career track in healthcare administration. To meet the exploding demand, colleges and universities have developed healthcare administration degree programs at the undergraduate, graduate, and even doctoral levels.

To help students determine the best programs for them, we have done the research and found the very best values in Healthcare Administration degree programs. Every program on this list offers top-notch academics and career preparation for undergraduate or graduate students, if not both. Each program has unique things to offer its students and each student brings unique talents and expectations to the table. With that in mind, we hope that students will review the following knowing that we applied the most objective measures so that they can discover what works best for them.

#1 Central Michigan University

According to our expert, objective analysis, CMU's School of Health Sciences features the number one health administration major in the nation. The bachelor's degree includes coursework in areas such as biostatistics, micro- and macro-economics, and behavioral healthcare. After graduation, students can apply to CMU's Master of Health Administration (MHA) program and then their doctoral program.

  • Tuition

    • In-State:$12,960

    • Out-of-State:$24,120

  • Rank:#1

  • Total Enrollment:21,622

  • Graduation Rate:62%

  • Diplomas Awarded:172

#2 University of St Francis

Students in the College of Business & Health Administration receive ACBSP accredited educations that consistently launch careers in hospital administration. Students gain deep knowledge and insight into the challenges that healthcare systems face, and then devise novel solutions that encourage future growth. Students can start careers in hospital administration or stay on campus to complete a Master of Science or an MBA in Health Administration.

  • Tuition

    • In-State:$34,000

    • Out-of-State:$34,000

  • Rank: #2

  • Total Enrollment:3,927

  • Graduation Rate:62%

  • Diplomas Awarded:132

#3 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

UNC is one of the top universities in the nation. Undergraduate students will find that they offer one of the top degree programs for health policy and management. Their undergraduate degrees consistently pave the way to entry-level positions with some of the nation's premier health systems as well as advanced degree programs in law, public health, health administration, and more. Graduate students enjoy one of the nation's best MHA programs.

  • Tuition

    • In-State:$8,980

    • Out-of-State:$36,159

  • Rank: #3

  • Total Enrollment:30,011

  • Graduation Rate:89%

  • Diplomas Awarded:123

#4 University of Southern California

USC is a premier university that enjoys a national reputation for excellence. Their Master of Health Administration stands out as one of the top programs in America and is available for on-campus as well as online students. Undergraduate students can prepare for their MHA with a degree in business or an BS in Public Policy on the Health Policy and Management Track.

  • Tuition

    • In-State:$58,195

    • Out-of-State:$58,195

  • Rank: #4

  • Total Enrollment:47,310

  • Graduation Rate:92%

  • Diplomas Awarded:182

#5 Trinity University

The graduate Department of Health Care Administration at Trinity is among the very best. Their program has earned accreditation from the Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Management Education (CAHME) every single year since 1968. Students in the Master of Science in Health Care Administration program complete a year-long residency in an administrative capacity, thus helping students build strong resumes before graduation.

  • Tuition

    • In-State:$44,680

    • Out-of-State:$44,680

  • Rank: #5

  • Total Enrollment:2,637

  • Graduation Rate:76%

  • Diplomas Awarded:34

#6 Seton Hall University

Graduating with a Master of Health Administration from Seton Hall is a tremendous accomplishment that rewards alumni every day of their professional lives. Undergraduate degree-holders with a background in business or healthcare will benefit from the MHA program, as will clinicians who wish to move into hospital administration. Professionals in New Jersey will be interested to know that Seton Hall has the only MHA program accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Management Education (CAHME).

  • Tuition

    • In-State:$43,780

    • Out-of-State:$43,780

  • Rank: #6

  • Total Enrollment:10,162

  • Graduation Rate:70%

  • Diplomas Awarded:57

#7 George Washington University

George Washington University is one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in the nation. GW's graduate health administration program is one of the top programs in the nation and has received accreditation from the Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Management Education (CAHME). Students who graduate with a Master of Health Administration enter hospitals and other health system environments with high pay and important positions.

  • Tuition

    • In-State:$56,935

    • Out-of-State:$56,935

  • Rank: #7

  • Total Enrollment:28,172

  • Graduation Rate:82%

  • Diplomas Awarded:155

#8 Washington University in St Louis

Often considered the "Ivy League of the Midwest," healthcare administration graduates from GW in St. Louis venture forth to take on high-status and highly paid positions in the business and healthcare worlds. WU's master's degrees in healthcare administration are recognized nationwide and alumni now hold key positions in the industry. Enroll in the part-time Master of Health Care Operational Excellence degree or certificate program through the McKelvey School of Engineering.

  • Tuition

    • In-State:$55,292

    • Out-of-State:$55,292

  • Rank: #8

  • Total Enrollment:15,852

  • Graduation Rate:95%

  • Diplomas Awarded:7

#9 Truman State University

TSU offers students a pathway to health administration through their School of Health Sciences and Education. The program helps students form a strong foundation in healthcare that serves them well in their entry-level jobs or Master of Health Administration graduate degree programs. The proof is in the pudding: Truman graduates move on to become leaders in public health, hospital administration, and healthcare systems nationwide.

  • Tuition

    • In-State:$8,120

    • Out-of-State:$15,314

  • Rank: #9

  • Total Enrollment:5,853

  • Graduation Rate:72%

  • Diplomas Awarded:NA

#10 Capella University

Capella’s Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration is the perfect launchpad for success. Students can choose between a concentration in leadership or management. Those who elect their accelerated master's pathway (AMP) can expedite their graduate work and enter the workplace with higher salaries and better job security. Capella also supports a stand-alone MHA program as well as a Master of Public Health degree.

  • Tuition

    • In-State:$14,540

    • Out-of-State:$14,540

  • Rank: #10

  • Total Enrollment:37,171

  • Graduation Rate:NA

  • Diplomas Awarded:540