Reference Information Model

  1. Interactions are both causes and effects from self-organisation and of emergence
  2. We therefore aim to architect Who & Why as part of Strategic Intent of Enterprises/Communities/Selves, and Who & What as part of Skills/Capacities/Resources of Enterprises/Communities/Selves as enablers of effective actions under Uncertain and Complex conditions, within the scope of the Simplexity Framework
  3. The purpose of an enterprise is to produce the desired effects for all stakeholders as a whole social structure through the interactions of its needs and capabilities under the constraints of simple rules of engagement aka contracts and policies
  4. So as long as the manager's job is to create value for all the constituency of an organization. And creation value requires execution a successful organizational design and a top management team who understands the external and internal environment, and the contingencies where all these things take place within a business model. And there is a feedback process that leads back from the value creation to the selection, development of the top management teams.