Universal Simplexity - As a comprehensivist in Buckminster Fuller sense, we wish to capture the common essence of all complex systems - whether biological, physical, computational or social - to focus on what matters in decision-making. A paper plane that flies captures the essence of flight without the complexities associated with a real physical plane. It is a minimal but sufficient model for us to understand the uplift that cancels the weight of the plane due to gravity, and propels the plane in the air.

Using the tree metaphor for simplicity by Edward deBono,

  1. the trunk is the purpose or objective or value
  2. the branches are the delivery mechanisms
  3. the fruits are the benefits,

as long as we are able to identify the above structural parts to any problems even if they are abstract, we have found simplicity when we only change the branches or the "lines not boxes" while remaining true to our values to effect the desired benefits.

Last but not least, what about augmenting human decision-making with machine intelligence?

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  • Strategic Foresight
  • Digital Transformation Strategy -> Platform Strategy
  • Designing and Governing Organizational Structures for efficiency and flexibility
  • Viable System Model
  • Problem-Driven Iterative and Adaptive
  • Agile + Design Thinking
  • Simple Actionable Principles
  • Participatory Narrative Inquiry
  • Collective Intelligence
  • Social Physics / Connection Science