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Located in Wilmington, North Carolina, MARBIONC is a state of the art biotechnology center equipped with research laboratories and analytical instrumentation.

At MARBIONC the Drug DISCOvery team focuses on utilizing advanced analytical technologies to discover new chemical structures that could lead to advances in the medical field.

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DISCOvery Team News - Fresh Off the Press!

Pharmaceutical Chemistry Ph.D. - Coming Soon!

Exciting News! The North Carolina Board of Governors approved the sixth doctoral program for the University of North Carolina Wilmington at its April meeting. This highly anticipated program will offer the Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and build on the successful chemistry programs at UNCW.

Thank you to DISCO's Selma Dominguez for sharing her work on the cover of the news!

Academic and Industry Engagement

Congratulations to DISCOvery members for participating in a successful visit to Alcamy in the Spring of 2022

Graduate Education Day 2022

Thank you to DISCO's Sarah Barr for helping to represent graduate students at the Wilmington Graduate Education Day Meeting. Well done!

Ready to Present Student Research!

DISCO team member prepare for 2022 Spring/Summer Poster Presentations locally and beyond.

All the best team!

Congratulations to DSICOvery Team Members for These Most Recent Publications!

Just Accepted

  • Solution cis-Proline Conformation of IPCs Inhibitor Aureobasidin A Elucidated via NMR-Based Conformational Analysis
    Qi Gao, Ann E. Cleves, Xiao Wang, Yizhou Liu, Sean Bowen, Robert Thomas Williamson, Ajay N. Jain, Edward Sherer, and Mikhail Reibarkh
    Journal of Natural Products
    Article ASAP
    DOI: 10.1021/acs.jnatprod.1c01071

UNCW - UNCP Collaboration

  • Edwards, A.*; Deberry, K.*; Mariani, H.*; Taylor, D. H.*; Cochran, N. J.*; Barrios Sosa, A. C.; Scott, A.R.; Williamson, R. T.; Tirla,C.; Alexander, C. C.; Sandefura, C. American Journal of Undergraduate Research. Accepted. Myrica cerifera, a Medicinal Plant of the Lumbee Tribe, Has Antibacterial and Nematicidal Properties.

Impact factor 23.19

  • Ueoka1, R.; Sondermann, P.; Leopold-Messer, S.; Liu, Y.; Suo, R.; Yashiroda, Y.; Kimura, H.; Bhushan, A.; Greczmiel, U.; Nishimura, S.; Hoshikawa, Y.; Yoshida, M.; Oxenius, A.; Boone, C.; Matsunaga, S.; Williamson, R. T.; Carreira, E. M. Piel, J. Nature Chemistry, 2022, Accepted. Genome-based Discovery and Total Synthesis of Janustatins, Potent Cytotoxins from a Plant-associated Bacterium

  • Wood, J. S.*; Gordon, W. H.*; Morgan, J. B.; Williamson, R. T. Magn. Reson. in Chem. 2022, 60, 196–202. Calculated and Experimental 1H and 13C NMR Assignments for Cannabicitran

Other Recent Peer Reviewed Publications

  • Homoseongomycin, a compound isolated from marine actinomycete bacteria K3-1, is a potent inhibitor of encephalitic alphaviruses. Lin, S-C., Lehman, C., Stewart, A.K., Panny, L., Wright, J.L.C., Paige, M., Strangman, W.K., Kehn-Hall, K. Antiviral Research 2021, 191, 105087.

Meet the DrugDISCOvery Team Leaders

Linda and Yousry Sayed Distinguished Professor | Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry | UNC - Wilmington 962-2397
Research Associate Professor | Center for Marine Science | UNC - Wilmington 962-2393
Chemistry & Biochemistry Faculty Member - Lecturer and Research