What we do

Aral Kalinga

We provide academic support through group tutorials in reading and math, as well as, basic literacy classes and one-on-one tutorials.

Stipends and prizes are given for improved school performance: P50 ($1)/week allowance for children whose average grades rise to 80% and above and P100 ($2)/week for children all of whose subject grades are 85% and above.

We likewise have basic literacy classes and one-on-one tutorials for children most at-risk of dropping out of school and assistance in preparing for the Accreditation and Equivalency (A&E) Examination to enable children to successfully obtain a grade school or high school equivalency certificate.

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Bayanihan Magtulangan sa Pag-Aral
Helping each other learn

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic created an existential crisis for UHF and we were forced to re-think the way we operated and delivered our programs and services, if we could continue to do that at all. As schools were closed, the Department of Education moved quickly to craft a Basic Education Learning Continuity Plan (BE-LCP) which combined online learning under the direction of a teacher with home schooling. This brought into stark relief the deficiencies in the availability of internet connectivity and the lack of a home learning partner for children in the early grades from marginalized and disadvantaged communities.

In a moment of inspiration, we recognized the special advantage we had of being located in the communities where our children live and that we had a unique asset in our experienced and dedicated corps of peer tutors or Munting Titsers, high school- and college-age young people who have regularly put in 12 volunteer-hours a month during the school year and 36 volunteer-hours in the summer to help beginning readers recognize letters, provide other children with homework help, lead discussions on children’s rights, and talk about preventing abuse and discrimination.

Continuing UHF's tutorial program was something our young MTs were eager to embark on. They knew they could do it and do it well and perceived it to be a great adventure.

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Buhay Kalinga

Valuing oneself and others

Our belief that we are called "to live in love" animates all that we do and the value we place on the young people we help. We communicate this through activities that include:

  • Regular consultations with the children on matters affecting them within and outside of UHF

  • Programs and exhibitions showcasing the children's writings and artworks

  • Meditation classes and counseling sessions

  • Food, medical, and other assistance to the children and their families

Reaching out and helping others

We enjoin our young people to become good stewards and make the practice of charity – esp. helping people outside of their own families – a natural and integral element of their lives. We provide opportunities for them to:

  • Become a peer tutor (Munting Titser) or peer mentor

  • Be a reader in Kuwentuhang Bata (KB), a community story-telling activity that is held every other Saturday

UHF children are also provided training and practice in becoming education and child rights advocates.

Becoming independent

We affirm our young people’s desire not to be a burden to their families by channeling that need to be productive in work skills classes and paid apprenticeships and by striving at all times to link education directly to work through:

  • Art classes

  • Basic computer literacy class

  • Internships

  • Paid apprenticeships

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