Song Sheet Template

Downloadable Microsoft Word Document template and chords for our song sheets: -

There's two MS word document files below.

1) Template as used to create our song sheets, just download this and change the title, artist, chords and verse etc.

2) Our Chord List Word Document (chords can be copy and pasted from this file into the template to suit your song)

Note - You will need MS Word to edit these files in order to create your own song sheets. ...If you create a cool tune (or two) send them to us and we will give them a go...

Song - Artist (YYYY) SBn Pnn.docx

Song Sheet Template (MS word version)

Ukulele Strummers Solihull - RH GCEA Chords v1.1.docx

RH GCEA chords v1.1 (MS word version)