About Us

About us: -

We are a community ukulele group based around the Solihull - West Midlands area. We meet twice per month at the fabulous Land Rover Sports & Social Club.

We are always delighted to see new members - so come along one evening and give it a try. We are a community, and if you do like it then…

Why not join in ?

If you have always wanted to play an instrument? Try the ukulele!

We welcome anyone, with any level of experience or expertise. We may even welcome other stringed acoustic instruments (as long as you can play them), but please note that you need to ask us firstly.

We don’t do anything electronic. There is no PA system, no mic’s etc… we just form a friendly circle and then, have a fun strumming & sing-a-long session for the evening.

· Just learning? Come on in too.

· Been playing for years? Then we'd love to benefit from your talents.

· Just want to sing? Well we always need singers.

All you need is enthusiasm - we can even lend you a ukulele for the evening, if we know that you are coming along in advance!

On top of all of that, the club where we play has a very nice bar.

Membership ?

There’s nothing formal, we don’t have any club fee’s currently. All we ask is that you become a member of the Land Rover Sports & Social Club, which is great value.

Also, we ask you to support the LRSC team by buying a drink or two.

Click for More about joining the Land Rover Sports and Social Club.

We do maintain a email mailing list for all of our members, this is just to send you reminders and any news or updates.

So, what do we play ?

Well we play anything the members of the group want to play. Everyone gets a chance to pick a tune or two.

We have songs from the 30's, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, and so on… We even play songs like modern pop and recent hits.

Members old and new are always encouraged to select songs that they'd like to try playing or bring along some new tunes.

Some tunes work better than others on massed ukuleles - but just trying to play something unsuitable can be great fun. And sometimes it’s surprisingly successful.

Click here to check out our songbooks or here for our song list.

Note, you can download and print out your own books, or borrow one of our spares, or just share with someone on the night. Also, the printed songbooks can be purchased for a small fee which just covers our costs.

Beginners? please note.

While you are welcome to come along, to get the best enjoyment from our evening sing-a-along you will need some basic chord knowledge, and basic strumming rhythms.

We are not really a class, but we have started a beginners session which runs prior to our main evening jam. For this we have a beginners booklet and chord sheets. But do also try our links page for some other great ukulele sites with lots of beginner info to help get you started.

What to bring ?

Guess what, you will need a ukulele to start with. Later on, you will need these items too: -

· Electronic tuner

· Music stand

· Our songbooks

Want to know more ?

Well you can email us

Or just fill in the form on the contact us page and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Or you can just come-along to one of our club nights should you wish.

Or join our group on Facebook: UkuleleStrummersSolihull