Running Events

These pages are intended to assist anyone tasked with running a Team Racing Event. We strongly recommend talking to someone who has done so beforehand. Currently the experts are Keith and Jo Sammons see or request a schedule

At the end of your event, please have a think and write your thoughts for the next person in line.

Well before the event Check

  • Have you got a reasonable budget?

  • Have you decided how many teams can take part and how many boats you will need?

  • Read about Schedules Look at this Checklist

  • Have you got your event in the Calendar?

  • This includes the local club, UKTRA, as well as BUSA, BSDRA or NSSA.

  • Have you arranged for Umpires?

  • Use RYA Directory or ask around - UKTRA may be able to help

  • How will you publicise the event?

  • A Notice of Race is required by the racing rules and should accompany any publicity.

  • This is the contract between you and the people coming to your event

  • What will your Sailing Instructions say?

These define the way the event will run. UKTRA Standard Sailing Instructions are designed so that they can be printed out easily. You will need to have the Notice of Race and first 6 pages of the standard SI's printed out and posted for competitors to see.

  • Don't forget to modify Addendum B - but this can be done with a pen after printing!

  • Please respect this format and do not fiddle with them (other than to add your event name and date).

  • Have you got all the equipment needed? Is it adequately insured? READ THIS

  • Have you got enough volunteers?

Checklist at the event

1. Have you got mobile numbers for everyone?

2. Have you got enough spare equipment?

Cotterpins, splitrings, shackles and tiller extensions are useful afloat.

3. Have you got all the paperwork, recording sheets etc.

Schedules are thanks to Bruce and Amanda Hebbert, Jo Lucas and Ralph Tingle. Richard Thompson has co-ordinated work on NOR and SI's. Marin Smethers co-ordinated the Handbook.