Steve Watts

Longbow novice

Ian Burton

I'm a barebow archer, and started shooting at the end of 2016. 2018 was my first season competing outdoors at the longer distances, so I was really pleased to rank 13th, but disappointed to miss out on my Bowman classification. Will be redoubling my efforts to reach Bowman level for 2019!

Wanted to thank The Longbow Shop as well as Barry, Paul & Nick (and everyone else involved) for setting up and maintaining this brilliant site. As my club's records officer, I have some idea how much work this takes. You are stars!

Alun Pugh

Have been into Archery since I was 8 years old, I am now 65 ,so on and off a few years.

I've shot recurve, flatbow and Longbow but my first love is longbow.

I have 10 bows at the moment,

3 x Richard Head bows .

2 x Heritage longbows .

1 x heritage bow which I made myself on their course.

1 x Adrian Hayes longbow.

1 x Gary Evans longbow .

1 x Albion longbow .

And a another Gary Evans bow on order.

At present I'm chasing a master bowman classification, been close a few times and am confident that I will do it soon.

Sarah Hurcomb

I am a Barebow archer shooting with Tenzone Bowmen based in Andover. I have been shooting for about 6 years and I am also the Club Secretary.

I achieved Bowmen classification a couple of years ago but unfortunately I have not yet managed the magic 3 for MB!!

Ranked 8th in the UK in the AGB rankings for Lady Barebow.

6 Hampshire records

I love archery but sadly family circumstances have meant that it needs to take a place on the back burner for a while. I will shoot when I can and enter competitions when I can but this year may be a little less archery orientated.

Helen Brown

I am a barebow archer from Lancashire and have been shooting since August 2015 but only started competing in July 2017.

Brand new to the 70m+ distances in Summer 2018.

Justine Canham

I first took up archery aged about 10 and shooting a recurve bow with Andover Archers. I loved it! It was so different from the hobbies of most of my friends. But when my family stopped shooting I could no longer continue.

Fast forward 30-something years and an archery club was forming at work.... But after 3 years with recurve and getting grumpy, I picked up a longbow, found the love again and will never look back.

I have good days and days when only the company is great but I'm so glad I found archery again.


Alan Fleming 40# @ 28"

Gary Evans Adamas 40# @ 28"


Longbow Lynn: - pine spined @ 34#

Self made - POC spined @ 34#


4th (2016/17)

13th (2015/16)

Tony Maher

Longbow Archer

I have been shooting Longbow for about 13 years.

I shoot a Mark Grady Bow and a Graham Knight.

Mark Lawrence

Been shooting longbow for a couple of years, recurve for a while before that, but do prefer my longbow, last year started to represent Essex in county matches

Cliff Gadd

Longbow Archer.

Maker of Raven Longbows and Raven Arrows.

9 County Records.

BLBS 2 Way York records. 683 Score and 133 Hits.



All Raven Longbows made by myself:

45 lb at 26" Bamboo, Ipe, Purpleheart, Ipe, Snakewood.

52 lb at 26" Bamboo, Greenheart, Pau Amarillo, Greenheart and Ipe.

57 lb at 26" Bamboo, Greenheart, Pau Amarillo, Greenheart and Ipe.


3 Point footed, barrelled arrows with either Pine or Spuce stiles, 2 1/4" shield fletchings, 70 grain piles and 1/4" nocks.


2014 and 2017 UK Masters Champion.

2015 and 2016 National County Team Event Champions (Kent).

2016 British Target Champion.

2016 and 2017 EAF All England Longbow Champion.

2016 and 2017 BLBS Target Champion. (2 way York)

Took up archery late in 2012 with my first year in competition in 2013.

Always shot longbow and have always made my own bows and sets of arrows.

Sabina Murray-Playfair

Club: Royal Richmond Archery Club

County: Surrey

UK ranking position: 6th 2017/18

County Records: 8

Equipment used for 2018

Bow 1 Alan Fleming 40lbs@28”

Bow 2 Cliff Gadd 40lbs@26”

Sight: Band

Arrows made by Hi-Force and Cliff Gadd

Took up the sport in around 2005. Love shooting longbow but also shoot barebow and trad. Target is my main focus but field is fun too.

Andrew Murray-Playfair

Longbow archer

Gemma Stafford

Hi! I’m Gemma, from Southampton Archery Club. I have been shooting for almost a year. I started out on recurve, but now shoot barebow. I have a beautiful blue Spigarelli Revolution barebow that I fell in love with as soon as I shot the first arrow.

I have quickly become totally addicted to archery and with the help and support from some amazing people at the club I have recently achieved 1st class barebow. Now chasing Bowman and hoping that one day I will be able to achieve even more! I also have a longbow that has taken a bit of a back seat recently, but once I have achieved my barebow goals I’m looking forward to learning how to shoot the beautiful longbow that I have properly!

When I’m forced to go to work I teach kids with learning difficulties and emotional and behavioural problems. It keeps me on my toes and I have found that archery is a great way of escaping the stress of work.

Happy shooting everyone!

Gill Gregory

Longbow Widow

Hi, I’m Gill Gregory the wife/widow lol of Paul Gregory designer of this website. I am a compound archer and make no apologies for this as it keeps me in this wonderful sport of archery. I am a 2nd class compound archer and did win the women’s compound in 2016 Frostbite. It helped that I was the only entrant.

When not loosing arrows I enjoy walking my 3 big sled dogs Suki, Amber, and Bradley and being a taxi service for our 2 sons. I love reading, especially on my kindle as its so compact with over 700 books on it!, afternoon teas and shopping: internet or high street, believe me, I can shop anywhere.

As for being an LB Widow, I have compiled some interesting places, events near the next tournament if anyone is interested. Hope you all have a great season "may your arrows shoot straight and your backs hold out" :)

Places of interest of Widows/Widowers at Whitehall Archers Tournament 24th April 2018

8 minutes away in the car from this tournament is a much raved about afternoon tea place called the Chocolate Frog Company.

Ed Pike

Club: Edinburgh University Alumni AC

Highest UK ranking: 10th (2016)

17 Scottish records

I currently shoot a Adrian Hayes bow outdoors, 48@27'', with a mix of Little John and my own barreled arrows but will soon be retiring these in favour of a Raven Longbows setup from Cliff Gadd.

I use an AAE Cavalier tab and a top of the range 5p O-ring sight to get the arrows somewhere near the target.

I started archery around the age of 13, primarily shooting field competitions (still with a longbow) till I started university and target competitions became a more regular occurrence.

Living in Edinburgh makes for cold and windy practices, meaning I'm slightly at a loss when the weather clears up elsewhere!

Alex Newnes

Club: Aber Archers (Aberystwyth University)

County: Dyfed, Wales.

UK Ranking: 2nd (2016/2017)

Uk Records: 90m, WA25, Vegas, Worcester

17 Welsh records.

2016 British indoor champion,

2017 British Target champion

I shoot Gary Evans longbows, 42lb Artisan and a 50 and 54lb Adamas with barrelled Raven Longbows arrows.

I took up archery at university (where I am currently a PhD Student) around 4-5 years ago, dived straight into longbow and have not looked back! I shoot both indoor and outdoor target and more recently field archery. Somehow making my way onto the GB team for the 2017 WA3D World championships.

I practice in my garden! As often as I can, and hope to continue shooting and (hopefully) improving for as long as I can!

You can follow my archery experiences here: to keep up to date with results and any longbow related content!

Nick Hayball

Hi, I'm Nick from Southampton. Took up archery two years ago when I was 39, immediately wished I'd been doing it since I was 9!

Shot full Recurve for 8-9 months before switching to Barebow and have never looked back. Although not formally a coach in archery, I show my club friends how to shot BB and whisper in their ears about leaving the sight and rods permanently at home :)

My beautiful and beloved better half Tracy is a longbow lady, and significantly better at shooting than me. We are proud parents to two bearded dragons, Dany and Scarlett, and a python called Samuel

When I'm not being out-shot by Tracy I work for a bank. I also play bass in an frankly fantastic covers band called Up All Night! You can find out more about us here:

I was roped in by Barry and Paul to run the Barebow side of this website. (Any errors or omissions to do with BB are therefore my fault). I hope you find it useful and enjoyable, and I'm excited to see what we can do with with the site in the future

Shoot straight and keep smiling!


John Crawford Hayes

Highest ranking 10th

Dorset & Wiltshire County Team from 2013 - 2017

Dorset & Wiltshire County Team 2013, Gold medallist National Inter Counties Tournament Lilleshall

Dorset & Wiltshire County Team 2014, Gold Medallist National Inter Counties Tournament Lilleshall

World Archery Masters New Zealand 2017 Gold Medallist, “Longbow”

I use 4 types of Bow, Gary Evans x 2, Alan Fleming X1 & Bob Powell X1. My favourite is a very old Gary Evans “Adamus” its starting weight was 60Lbs and after refurbishment ended up approx. 53Lbs. All my other bows remain at 60Lbs. All bows use a fast flight string. I have had 2 bows custom made a Gary Evans “Marquise” and a “Bamboo” from Alan Fleming, both are extremely fast.

My initial Arrows were Little John or homemade variations, my current arrows have been made by Cliff Gadd of “Raven Longbows” to suit my bows.

Prior to Illnesses I spent many hours training with the “Bowmen of Lytchett” alongside Terry Ives who I found inspirational being one of the top UK Longbow Archers and some of his skill and determination rubbed off on me however, illness and age don’t mix very well so have downscaled my practicing to suit circumstances. Can normally be found at most major UKRS tournaments in the south unless abroad on Holiday as I am now retired from Work.

Have been shooting a weapon since 1969 as an Infantryman for 25 years, Classification “Rifleman” with the Royal Green Jackets and took up shooting a bow circa 2003, longbow was most suited to my style and I wouldn’t shoot anything else.

Steve Purkiss

Started tinkering with archery in 2001 and got into longbow soon after (quite late in life). Am only Bowman but seem to get noticed a bit at shoots.

Use a 48lb Gary Evans and 50lb Cliff Gadd bows and My arrows are generally made by Cliff Gadd. I like a kisser and an O ring - have tried ground markers but never seem to get on with them.

Nigel Kelly from Hampshire

Ranked 8th in 2016

Ranked 4th in 2017

Ranked 4th in masters and part of the 2017 wining Hampshire longbow team

I use 3 bows all 65lb at 27 inch draw with fast flight strings, these comprise of twin marquis bows made by Gary Evans and one bow made by Chris Boyton these are all laminated bows with bamboo backing.

I use a saker plus tab with 3 layers of leather and my preferred arrows are made by Richard Head and I use 45 spine with 100 grain point,2.5 inch fletches and 4 inch fletches depending on conditions.

I usually train 5 days a week with an average time of three hours a day depending on conditions.

Barry Du-Crow

Club: Southampton Archery Club

County: Hampshire

UK Ranking position 1 2016/2017/2018

UK Records 3 (1440, Double 1440 and York)

County records 13

Years shooting 8

Equipment specification being used for 2018:

Bow make and model:

Bow 1. Alan Fleming Longbow 60lbs @ 28”

Bow 2. Alan Fleming 45lbs@27”

Bow 3. Bob Powell 60Ibs @ 28”

Sight make and model: rubber o ring

Arrow rest make and model: My Hand

Recurve archers finger Tab make and model: Kaya Soul Tab

Arrows “Angry Crow” POC and Hemlock in parallel and barreled versions. 400 gns typical

Started Archery as a junior learning the sport at my school aged 14. Went on to be a junior master bowman and won quite a few comps with Recurve.

Gave up at 16 to follow a career as a teenager!

Took up the sport again 40 ish years later starting with Recurve which I was starting to get the hang of then someone gave me a longbow and I was hooked!

Have had really enjoyed the Longbow competition scene and have met so many great people.

Hope to continue for as long as I can hang in there!

Paul Gregory

Club: Southampton Archery Club

Years shooting: 4 years

UK Ranking position 180th 2018

1st class longbow

1st class recurve


Bow make and model: Made by a guy called John that someone from the club knows, 40#

Arrows: Wooden made myself.

Competitions: Won a Marmite Easter egg

Started archery 3 years ago with the family, shoot mainly recurve but I have a longbow too, which I shoot more for fun. I’m a level 1 coach and coach most Saturdays. Agreed to do a spreadsheet to track longbow RS scores and has mushroomed into this website