Section to add general archery news and tournaments reports, photos etc. If you have any reports please send to or and we will publish them on the site.

Thurs 26th Oct 2018 - Winners Update

Well done to all Longbow and Barebow award winners. You should be contacted by AGB asking for details (Contact no. Address, and email) so that we can send out the Trophies/shields and medals. To speed up this process if award winners contact with above details I will get the awards sent out asap.

Thurs 17th Oct 2018 - Update from Archery GB

Archery GB’s Competition and Events Manager Jon Nott said: “Barry, Paul and Nick have done a fantastic job, they have gone over and above the conversations we had early 2018. Archery GB will be adopting this system going forward as the national longbow and barebow rankings. I would like to thank everybody who has been involved in making these a success and look forward to next year. I would also like to thank the Longbow Shop for its support and congratulate everybody on the list.”

For full details click here

Thurs 11th Oct 2018 - Longbows and Barebows National Rankings

The final scores have all been entered, so current rankings are the provisional rankings results for the 2018 season.

We will allow some time for these results to be queried by all archers who have competed.

Mon 8th Oct 2018 - Update from AGB

We had discussion with AGB about the 2018 longbow and barebow rankings and the following was agreed:

  • Survey monkey not compulsory
    • Results from survey will compared with the results already in the system (UK Longbow & Barebow Rankings) any differences reconciled
  • A few competitions have not published their results online, AGB to supply those results if available
  • Record status competitions in March 2018 count towards a ranking score
  • Record status competitions in October 2018 don't count towards a ranking score
  • All record status Yorks count towards a ranking score - they don't have to be rose status
  • Next year the format of the competition (2 Fita 1440s, 2 Fita 720s and 1 York/Hereford) is expected to stay the same.

Thurs 19th July 2018 - Ladies Longbow scores lookup

Lookup scores for ladies longbow done. Link is here

Tues 17th July 2018 - Gents barebow scores lookup

Lookup scores for gents barebow done. Link is here

PS Also fixed the ladies barebow lookup

Mon 26th June 2018 - Ladies barebow scores lookup

Finally got round to doing the lookup scores for ladies barebow and the good news is I've done it with a dynamic list, which means that if new names get added in the ranking list they will automatically be added to the lookup :) . Which also means I will have to fix the gents longbow list which is only static. Link is here

May 2018 - Gents longbow scores lookup

Find your scores. Forgotten what you scored at the beginning of the season? Wonder why someone is ahead of you? Find out in the "look up your scores". Currently only longbow gents at the moment as I've not got round to doing the rest yet. Link is here., but you have to scroll to the bottom of the page. No I can't put the link directly to the bottom of the page.

Mon 2nd April 2018 - Longbow Ranking tournament committee meeting - Minutes

Meeting opened at 6:15pm

The “Champion competition” was discussed. Agreed to looking into running next season as a 1st class and 2nd class categories as 3rd class is too easy. Need to identify current non record status competitions and see which rounds would be suitable. Looking at rounds 60 yards and under. Action Barry to look at rounds clubs do

Potentially start with Southern areas rather than nationwide.

New capture app discussed feasibility to be determined.

Discussion about drummers that have too much money.

There was no further business so the meeting was adjourned

Meeting end 7:15pm

Sun 25th March 2018 - Whitehill Archers March Madness Report

It was a close match on a perfect shooting day with no wind and a pleasant temperature. Won by a small margin over Martin Bale (GMB) from Rivernook Bowmen who shot very well. Also Nigel Kelly (GMB) (AC Delco Bowmen) put in a good shift to end in 3rd place

Barry Du-Crow

Fri 23rd March 2018 - First Ranking tournament meeting

The first committee meeting was held and after a bit of struggling with basic arithmetic it was decided to award £30 prize money for each barebow winner of a class. As if the trophy on it own wasn't enough. Next target prize money for the longbow section too.