Union County, TN Pre-K


Children who will turn four years old by August 15 could qualify for a Pre-K program. Anyone may apply, regardless of income.  A Pre-K teacher or LEA can answer any questions or concerns at your individual appointment or by email.

Union County Public School System currently has five Pre-K site locations listed below:

Why Pre-K?  Look at the Research.

Why Pre-K?

Research based curriculum and practices

Certified teachers-  All Pre-K teachers are highly qualified, licensed teachers with endorsements in Early Childhood Education and/or Special Education.

Smooth transition to Kindergarten- By attending our Pre-K Programs, your child will get to know his/her Kindergarten teacher, special area teachers, and integrate into school routines before Kindergarten even starts!

Higher scores than peers who do not attend a Pre-K program upon Kindergarten entry

Integrated services-  Children in our Pre-K programs benefit from many services provided by Union County Public Schools such as vision screenings, hearing screenings, developmental screenings, enrichment, special education, speech, and occupational therapy.

Students with disabilities

Students who have diagnosed/suspected disabilities are great candidates for most Pre-K programs.  In fact, collaboration with our Special Education Department helps specialize plans that best fit your child.  Union County also has a 619 program located at Paulette Elementary School.  This program is designed for children ages 3-6 who may have learning disabilities, physical disabilities, or other impairments that effect a child's education.  Feel free to express any questions or concerns to a Pre-K teacher, LEA, or Special Education Department. 

Free Services to all Pre-K Students

Union County Pre-K offers transportation to all Pre-K students.  Additionally, your child will receive free breakfast, lunch, and snack.  All students, who are eligible, may receive those services offered to K-12 students.  This includes speech therapy, occupational therapy, and counseling.  UCPS Family Resource Department can be of assistance to you and your family.  Please talk with a Pre-K teacher for more information.