UCI Mathematics Directed Reading Program

The Mathematics Directed Reading Program (DRP) pairs undergraduate students with graduate student mentors to participate in a reading course. The goal of the program is to give undergraduate students the opportunity to learn interesting math and to build skills such as communication, reading math, and critical thinking. We encourage students from historically minoritized groups to apply.

This program runs every quarter. Graduate student mentors choose a topic in math that is not typically covered in the undergraduate curriculum, and design a 10 week course on that topic for 1-3 undergraduate students. Undergraduates are expected to meet with their mentor once per week and spend about 4 hours reading and completing assignments each week. Each undergraduate participant will write a short midterm reflection about their experience in the course and give a short presentation at the end of the quarter.  Students can enroll for 2 or 4 credits, and those who choose the 4-credit option are also required to complete an end-of-quarter reflection paper.

Applications are open for Spring 2024 - Click Here!

The UCI Math DRP is currently organized by Julian Eshkol, Adam Marks, Dani Reagan, and Ariel Rosenfield.