Voter Information

Voter Registration Information

Registering to vote

You may register to vote at the Tyrone Township Office or at any branch of the Secretary of State’s Office. You may also register by mail. Forms are available at the Twp. Office or one is available to print at: and select the voter registration form (red check on the bottom left portion of the page). When filling out this form be sure to list "Kent County Clerk" to send your information to. Directly under the "voter registration" is the "voter information box", this will show a sample ballot.

Michigan law requires that the same address be used for the state qualified voter file and the state drivers license file. Therefore, if the residence address you provide when registering to vote differs from the address shown on your MI drivers license or personal identification card, the Secretary of State will automatically update your driver license or personal identification card address. This change will generate the Secretary of State office to issue you an address update sticker by mail, for your license or ID Card.

A voter identification card will be mailed to you shortly after you register to vote. This card shows your polling place for state and school elections, and your precinct number for both. Due to a recent change in State law, these are now the same. You will see that the following districts are listed:

U.S. Congressional-2nd

State Senate-33rd

State Representative-89th (PRECINCT #2)

State Representative - 90th (PRECINCT #1)

County Commissioner-2nd

School district- (Kent City Community or Sparta Public or Grant Public)

There is a place to sign your card, and then you should put it in your wallet for easy reference. Michigan State law now requires everyone to show a valid picture I.D. in order to vote at the polls on Election Day.

Absentee voting is available for each election by contacting the office for an absentee application, which can be returned by mail or dropped at the office. First time voters that have registered by mail, do not qualify for absentee voting because of the election law that requires the confirmation of address and ID requirement. You may also call the office to be placed on a permanent AV list. Being on a permanent absentee list still requires you to sign an application and return to the office before a ballot can be issued.