Tyrone Township

Kent City, Michigan

Property Tax and Assessment Information

Tax Collection Dates

  • Township Summer Tax Bills are due September 14th

  • Township Winter Tax Bills are due February 14th

  • If the 14th is on a Saturday or Sunday, the due date is on the following Monday

  • If Monday is a Federal Holiday, the due date will be the following Tuesday

  • Township Summer/Winter Tax Bills accepted thru February 29th w/interest penalty

Drop Box available on the east side of the building near the hall entrance.

Taxable Value

This value is used to calculate your tax bill.

This value increases each year by the inflation rate, but not more than 5%, and not higher than the Assessed Value. The value of new construction is also added.

If a property is transferred to a new owner, the Taxable Value is ‘uncapped’ – made equal to the Assessed Value.

Tyrone Township 2021 Millage Rates

Dog Licenses

The Local Treasurer's Office will process dog licenses year round starting January 2014. When renewing your dog license, please be sure to bring your renewal paperwork and rabies proof from your vet with you. If your dog was spayed or neutered since the last renewal, you must provide proof. *If your rabies vaccination expires within 30 days of license renewal, you are unable to purchase a license until a new rabies vaccination has been given.

With the new licensing system in place you now have the option to purchase a 3-yr or 1-yr license coinciding with your rabies expiration. If a dog owner is a Senior Citizen (62 yrs old and older) rates are much lower.

Dog licenses can also be obtained at the Kent County Animal Shelter located at 701 Ball NE. Many pet clinics are now able to issue dog licenses when your dog is vaccinated. You may also renew your license via mail by sending the renewal paperwork and updated shot information along with your payment to the Animal Shelter. You can also renew your dog license online at www.accesskent.com. For a new license, please bring your proof of rabies vaccination and spayed or neutered certificate (if applicable). If your puppy is at least four months old, it is required by law to be licensed. Please contact the Treasurer’s Office with any questions at 616-678-4779 or by email at jhall@tyronetownship.org.

Dog License Fees