Fire Department

We will be saying good-bye to our longtime Fire Chief, Mike Rexford. Mike as served in many roles on the department since his first day in 1975. His leadership roles have included the ranks of Captain, Assistant Fire Chief, and Fire chief for the past 46 years. He played a major role in organizing the medical squad when he was the Assistant Fire Chief. Mike logged in hundreds of hours of training for medical first response, operations level in Haz-Mat, incident command, officer training & arson detection. His dedication to the department has earned the respect of the fire personnel as well as the Tyrone Township Board and surrounding communities.

He has made plans to finally get a good night's sleep and retire along with his wife Diane. We will be celebrating his retirement in January 2022. Mike has served our community with commitment for 46 years so please take time to reach out and give Mike a huge "THANK YOU" for his excellent service to Tyrone Township.

Please give a warm welcome to Andy Pike who will be taking over the position of Fire Chief in January 2022. He is a great man for the job. Andy has been learning the day-to-day operations with Mike and is very qualified to step into this role. Andy and his wife, Kristy, have four children: Ella (10), Caroline (8), Annabelle (6), and Andrew (4). Andy grew up in Alpine Township and started his service at Alpine Fire Dept (2005-2009) then at Sparta Fire Dept. (2009- 2013) and has been serving the Tyrone/Kent City Fire Dept. (2013- present). He enjoys camping, riding the trails on side-by-side, farming and hunting.