2022: TBA.

2021: Wahpeton, ND - Theme: "You Are Here; Now What?"

2020: Cedar Rapids, IA - Theme: "Creative Crossroads."

2019: Akron, OH - Theme: "Where the Rubber Meets the Road."

2018: Indianapolis, IN - Theme: "Educators on the Edge."

2017: St. Paul, MN - Theme: "Cultivating Curiosity."

2016: St. Louis, MO - Theme: "Get Off Your Apathy: How does Embracing Civic, Social, and Pedagogical Change CHANGE You as a Teacher?"

2015: Overland Park, KS - Theme: "What's Your Asterisk?"

2014: Grand Rapids, MI - Theme: "Teaching as Art: Practical Creativity and Measurable Innovation."

2013: Normal, IL - Theme: "Beyond Normal: Teaching Writing in New Spaces."

2012: Lincoln, NE - Theme: "Think. Write. Grow."

2011: Columbus, OH - Theme: "Your Life is a Book, and Every Day is a Page."

2010: Des Moines, IA - Theme: "Harvesting Talent."

2009: Madison, WI - Theme: "Forward: Writing Our Future."

2008: Duluth, MN - Theme: "Navigating Open Waters."

2007: Chicago, IL - Theme: "Open Roads, Open Skies, Open Minds."

2006: St. Charles, MO - Theme: "Crossing Bridges: Encouraging Transitions and Transformations."

2005: Omaha, NE - Theme: "Wide Open Spaces: Exploring the Landscape of Imagination, Community, and the English Classroom."

2004: Peoria, IL - Theme: "Now Playing in Peoria: Teaching English as a Scholarship."

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Can't make it to the midwest region every year?

Here are the other TYCA regions' sites:

Southeast = http://www.tycase.org/#about

Southwest = http://tycasw.org/wp/

Pacific Northwest = http://www.tyca-pnw.org/

West = http://tycawest.org/

Northeast = https://www.tycanortheast.org/

And the overview of what states are involved in each region: http://www.ncte.org/tyca/regionals.

Below: A conference cheat sheet that contains more than just TYCA.

Conference Cheat Sheet
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