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iLead Partnership

As part of an organized large-scale effort, the Maxwell Leadership Foundation is extending the opportunity to experience Values-Based Leadership Development to schools, districts and states across the United States.

Through iLead, the Maxwell Leadership Foundation serves students locally and internationally by providing educators with free access to digital iLead content along with primary and supplementary resources, tools and support.

Additionally, to support whole school impact, the Maxwell Leadership Foundation offers peer facilitated values-based leadership development designed for adults in education.

iLead Student Leadership


The opportunity to explore Values Based Leadership Development is being provided to enhance our state's capacity to support students’ and educators' knowledge and demonstration of leadership in our values and actions. 

Values-based leadership development emphasizes personal transformation as a pathway toward wellbeing and thriving and recognizes that personal transformation involves taking action reflective of good values. 

Wellbeing enhances intrinsic motivation, decreases disciplinary problems, increases academic achievement, improves school satisfaction and leads to flourishing of individuals, communities, and nations (Buecker et al., 2018)

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The foundation for good leadership is…good values