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Steps 1 and 2 are straight forward entering your personal information.

Step 3 is self-explanatory

For Step 4, if your Physical Address is the same as your mailing address then you just have to check the box.

Step 5 is where it gets critical. Here you will enter your bank information. Under preferences, you will want to select “No”. If you select “Yes”, you will be charged an additional $1.50 each time you receive a check.

Step 6 is straight forward

Step 7: The first username and password is for ArbiterPay. The Security PIN/Key will be used when you have to make changes to your profile or preferences in ArbiterPay. The debit card’s cost is $4.95 and then an additional charge of $.50 per transaction. CRITICAL: Select “Yes” on Do you receive game assignments through ArbiterSports? Once you select “Yes”, enter your username and password that you use to log into ArbiterSports. This is what links your ArbiterPay account to ArbiterSports.