turboCAP software is available in beta for testing!

turboCAP software is user-friendly, free to all users, and open-source if anyone wants to make changes. It includes the basic ingredients needed to produce a credible first iteration Conservation Action Plan. The difficult steps in other CAP software have been greatly simplified, but without losing key elements.

A beta version showing the CAP for Alaska's Chena River (see Health and Threat scorecards below) can be downloaded at the following Google Drive link: turboCAP-demo-Chena.

A fully operational, beta-version of turboCAP can be downloaded at the following link: turboCAP Excel software . The program uses Excel macros to sort and analyze results, so users will need to click the "Enable Editing" and then "Enable Content" buttons if the questions pop up.

For any questions or suggestions, please contact Greg Low at glow@appliedconservation.com. The Excel version will be converted to Google Sheets to enable online use by project teams.