turboCAP helps conservation projects jump-start their Conservation Action Plans

All the basics...but no frills. turboCAP is a major redesign of Conservation Action Planning to help project teams quickly develop a credible first iteration conservation plan. turboCAP eliminates many confusing elements and streamlines time-consuming steps while retaining the most essential CAP elements.

turboCAP software. Excel-based software (beta version) generates Health and Threat scorecards and provides built-in assistance in determining key attributes, identifying threats, and analyzing priority needs for strategies.

CAP Hints and Worksheets . The turboCAP website provides hints from veteran conservation coaches, as well as instructions and worksheets for each step of developing a "credible first iteration" CAP. These can be used in a workshop setting in lieu of or in addition to the turboCAP software. All can be downloaded in Word or Google Doc format..

turboCAP is designed for...

  • 1st time conservation project planning

  • Community-based conservation plans

  • Rapid CAPs

  • Tight budgets or timelines

  • Easy to use software for Health and Threat Scorecards, as well as automated analysis of targets and threats most needing Strategy attention