Workshop # W04

Innovative Designs for Language Education: Transformative Technology Leadership

November 22-23, 2021 , Online Virtual Conference

Description of Workshop

In this transformative age, innovative designs for language education receive attention from scholars and practitioners in order to design learning to maximize learners’ outcomes. There are many challenges for language practitioners; for example, flexibility of learning, the new learning design to meet learners’ needs, effective learning materials and how to engage learners’ online, and so on.

With the rapid advancement of education and teaching and learning methodologies development, it is considerably recognized that technology emerges and starts from the immersion in a rapid changing information-driven technological world which creates great pressure for higher education in many aspects. The increasing use of computer technology to deliver instruction is a trend prominent in education. Generally, there has been a variety of teaching and learning design which aims to support learning achievement and add more value of educational design. Technology responds effectively and is accepted to integrate in all aspects of education. That is to say; technology can help facilitate students’ learning and becomes the essential tool to support teachers’ instruction. (Aldawood et al., 2019). Apart from that, innovations of technology are placed conventional concepts of learning in building up technology enrichment in learning environments. The implications of digital leadership on educational supervision, is the key issue in modern curriculum design. Technology leadership tries to illustrate the opportunities that digital transformation can offer institutions in essential areas such as teaching, learning, advising, fundraising, and administration (Miller, 2019).

Therefore, this workshop aims to support digital educational leaders to discover, develop, and implement technological methods in the institutions of learning. Those researchers who had relevant experiences of this issue can also share and interact with one another in this workshop regardless of their language disciplines; English, Chinese, or any other languages.

Objectives of the Workshop

1. To build up a larger and stronger academic community of language practitioners and scholars utilizing technology in ICCE’s workshop.

2. To provide more insights on how to maximize the use of technology to enhance language learning experiences and to enhance a transformative leadership.

Scope of the Workshop

Educational technology

Best practices in ICT classrooms

● Language instruction management/Institutions of Language Management

Technology integration in transformative teaching leadership

Learners' engagement in online language learning

● Blended learning in language education

● Mobile language learning

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Mae Fah Lung University

Mae Fah Luang University