Here's some delicious camping recipes to use for meal plans or to remember for our Iron Chef Competition!

Here is a link to Margaret’s prize-winning Salmon/Chicken Quinoa:

Chicken (or Salmon) Quinoa


This is the Logan Bread recipe, which is basically a homemade version of a Cliff Bar. Or a Cliff Bar is a processed version of Logan Bread, probably. Really nice for backpacking, so up next! -Ruth

Hot Cocoa

Ruth’s delicious Hot Cocoa mix

Tuna Spaghetti

Ruth’s delicious Tuna Spaghetti

Mexican Hot Chocolate Cookies

Chocolate Chip cookies with a flare!

Delicious Dutch Oven Pizza!

Scoutmaster's Dutch-Oven Lasagna

Discovered by Sally!

Here are some great LINKS:

Wild Backpacker