Life in a Traveling Monastery

A Benedictine-based leadership expedition hiking in the Laurel Highlands


As stated by the amazing Dr. Krom: 

In this travel course, we looked at some of the key figures and philosophical ideas that guide outdoor leadership, and put them into practice ourselves during a fall break backpacking trip. Our course had three components: first, study of the philosophical texts that shaped the outdoor leadership movement and examination of their connections to Benedictine monasticism; second, backpacking, first aid, and wilderness training; and third, a 35-40 mile backpacking trip over fall break on the Laurel Highlands Trail that emphasizes the moral, physical, philosophical, and spiritual components of outdoor leadership. 

Our mission was to backpack in the spirit of Benedictine tradition and grow in our collaboration, fellowship, and problem solving as a group. Our hope is this website will provide guidance to future students taking this course as we shed light on our experiences preparing and completing this hike.

Click "Open Map" on the map below to see the hikes in the U.S. (even Alaska!) and Europe that we did in preparation for the backpacking trip.