Transition Model Toolkit

This resource provides a proven and developed model which takes an innovative approach towards supporting transition into higher education from a learning and teaching perspective. The resource does this by offering a short immersion into a given subject; this immersion places disciplinarity at its heart, both in how the subject is taught at Sheffield Hallam University, and how the tools of the discipline are used professionally. This supports transition into the academic aspects of a student’s course whilst also encouraging early thinking about transition beyond graduation and into the world of work.

The model, known as the Orientate-Apply-Connect (or OAC model), is designed to complement and prepare learners for what they will experience throughout their course at Sheffield Hallam. Notably, the 'Orientate, Apply and Connect' transition into H.E Model mirrors the principles of the Hallam Welcome Framework and it aligns with the highly-skilled employment commitment of work experience at every undergraduate level.

This Toolkit is intended to support the Sheffield Hallam academic community to utilise the OAC model for their own discipline area. Find out more on the 'About the Model' page.

Find out how the Transition Model has been applied across various disciplines at Sheffield Hallam University, on The Model in Practice page.

The portfolio of resources, on the Design Principles page will help to support understanding and application of the Transition Model.

Evaluating the Transition Model is key to it's success . Find more information on previous evaluations and how the Transition Model has been evaluated, on the Evaluation page.

Get in touch with us, via the Contact Us page, to find out more and discuss how the Transition Model can be applied to your course.

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